The Eagles look to stay barely alive in the playoff hunt as they take on the Los Angeles Rams in LA on Sunday Night Football.

The Rams are favored at -13, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: I have a feeling this is gonna be like Ivan Drago knocking out and killing Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. Rams 31, Eagles 14 (Rams -13).

Jeff: This feels like the Mike McMahon Seahawks game. Rams 38, Eagles 14 (Rams -13).

Mike: Rams 35, Eagles 17 (Rams -13).

Tim: ???

Coggin: This game is going to be ugly. I expect no miracles this holiday season. Rams 42, Eagles 17 (Rams -13).

Phil: Whatever you do, do not let what is about to happen poison your happy memories of Nick Foles. In fact, my recommendation to you is, at kick off, find a recording of the Super Bowl and watch that instead. Rams 37, Eagles 10 (Rams -13).

Anthony: Once again Nick Foles comes in and saves the day. That’s such an incredible fairy tale. Especially since it would start in the same place it started a season ago (LA), and could lead to another improbable run. It would be the greatest sports story in this city’s storied sports history. But let’s be real folks, this isn’t happening. This Eagles team is a shell of what Saint Nick had pulling his sleigh at this time last year. This Rams team is a year older and a hell of a lot better than it was last season. There’s a reason the Eagles are an 13-point underdog – and maybe the largest point spread against for a defending Super Bowl champion on record.

While I think they will give it the old college try and hang around a little longer than one might think, I don’t really like them today either to win or against the spread. I would stay away from the game as a bettor, but if you absolutely must bet the game, take the over. It’s 52 or 52.5 in most places and I don’t think either defense is good enough to keep it under that number. Rams 38, Eagles 23 (Rams -13).

Bob: Rams 31, Eagles 13 (Rams -13).

Russ: Nothing would make me happier than a week of sports talk radio callers celebrating Nick Foles’ demolition of the LA Rams. I can just hear the Cuz, “DAW, BO! Little Nicky came out hot like da buffalo chicken cutlet hoagie at Primos wit da sesameeeee seed bunzzzzzzzzz. I love Carson, doe, Bo! But Nicky won us a SUUUUUpah Bowl and he’s gonna do it again!” Imagine Foles winning a shootout 45-38. Now wake up. Rams 48, Eagles 17 (Rams -13).

Kevin: Rams 41, Eagles 17 (Rams -13).

Kyle: Eagles 28, Rams 26 (Eagles +13).