Hell yeah!

Douglas D. Pederson – the D stands for… – was positioned for a classic post-game speech last night that harkened back to the bygone days of… earlier this year… and what we were treated to was his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin. GIMME.

To say I can’t wait for the full video would be like saying a bear shits in the woods some random neighbor’s dog keeps taking a dump on my sidewalk– it’s an empirically true statement.

If I’m setting odds, I have it at -220 that Pederson dropped his classic We’re not done, YET! somewhere in this speech. All of the feels are rushing back into the my veins, which are now visible in all regions. This feels so familiar*, so safe.

*You know what else feels familiar? Doug Pederson being a betting coach than Sean McVay– he’s beaten him two times now in his own house (temporarily squatted upon by Birds fans) and, you know, he also won the Super Bowl. The media is turning itself inside out to tell you about how the debonair McVay remembers his own plays, while truly inventive offensive coaches like Pederson and Matt Nagy have just put him in his place.