Well what do you know, the defending champion Super Bowl Eagles are an entrant in the 2018-2019 Super Bowl tournament.

While we are here, what do you know, a team that has Kirk Cousins as its quarterback choked away a must-win game at home as a touchdown favorite over a Chicago Bears team that essentially had nothing to play for.

Twitter has written the narrative for this piece, but let’s start with the fact that Jeffrey Lurie will almost certainly find a way to shuttle this missing million dollars to Big Dick Nick:

Besides, given what Foles will clearly command on the free agent market in the offseason, a million dollars is just a rounding error to the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

Suddenly, the Eagles have gone from the team that couldn’t get out of its own way to the fearsome sleeping giant that woke up just in time to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting playoff field. People have thoughts:

You know who else thinks the holders might be a problem? The national media, particularly the highly paid executives who determined that the last wild card game of next weekend would feature the team that features both a three-game win streak in must-win games and the allure of having a team take the belt from the champion:

Michaels and Collinsworth! I can’t be the only one to remember the last time they called an Eagles playoff game:

It is on. It is very on.