The ex-Birds linebacker dropped this a short time ago:

But wait..

It’s a different medical staff, right?

His follow-up:

His point does hold, I guess. The medical staff works for the organization and not the players, which is why you have language in collective bargaining agreements that allows athletes to get second and third opinions from outside sources. This is how Markelle Fultz was able to get his shoulder checked out by multiple specialists in recent weeks.

Without that CBA language, you’d just have teams saying, “I don’t care if your back is broken, stop being a pussy and get back out there.” It can’t be a one-way street.

I’m not surprised Acho went down this road. He’s always been really outspoken, and there’s certainly a history of things that the Eagles didn’t find, but other organizations did. Jon Dorenbos ring a bell? Jordan Matthews even went on the record to express his displeasure with medical processes during his first Philly stint.

More than anything, if the former medical staff was any good, wouldn’t they still be with the team?

Something to think about.