“For the Record,” a New Show Featuring Eytan Shander, Brian Westbrook, Krystle Rich, and Geoff Mosher

Photo Credit: Eytan Shander/Philly Voice

Programming alert.

We’ve got a new show hosted by:

  • beloved ex-Eagle Brian Westbrook
  • former 97.5 the Fanatic host Eytan Shander
  • former 97.5 the Fanatic host and longtime Eagles writer Geoff Mosher
  • Sixers Outsiders co-host Krystle Rich

It’s a web series and podcast called For the Record and it’s pretty straightforward – just four hosts sitting around and talking about sports and culture for a full hour without commercial breaks or useless phone calls via “Bob from South Philly.”

Phone calls like this:

Host: Bob from South Philly, you’re up.

Bob: Yeah? Hello?

Host: You’re up.

Bob: Oh okay, let me take you off bluetooth.

Host: Okay.

Bob: Yeah, hi? Can you hear me?

Host: I can hear you.

Bob: I want to talk about the Eagles. I think they should bring back John DeFilippo.

None of that on this show.

The first episode touches on Eagles/Cowboys, the Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid thing, plus a top-5 rappers list and some dating stories. Krystle went Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, and Black Thought with her five, which is pretty solid. I would drop Black Thought for DMX and throw an honorable mention to the entirety of Wu Tang and the criminally underrated Bun B.

It is my understanding that the show will incorporate social media and emails moving forward, however people like “Bernie from Broomall” will not be chiming in.

Episode one:

All of these hosts will continue to do what they already do. Westbrook is a 97.5 contributor. Eytan is also doing FOX 29 and the Derailed show with Harry Mayes. Geoff has his Patreon site and also co-hosts the Inside the Birds podcast with Adam Caplan and that guy who went to Pitt.

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28 Responses

  1. How long is going to take for all of these radio people to figure out shows like this are not really necessary anymore? They keep trying to reinvent the wheel, problem is the wheel has moved on to Twitter and similar media. People can discuss sports with their friends now, immediately. The need for “experts” to break down what happened is not the same as it used to be. Shander acts like 97.5 is horrible and what he does is groundbreaking. lol

  2. For gods sake man I love DMX but he should be on absolutely nobody’s “top 5” rappers list. How are you this bad at music?

    1. Problem with DMX is that he had a very short career, like three great albums within a two-year span before going off the deep end.

      But when you compare those discs to stuff that Jay Z and Wu Tang and Nas were doing in the 90s, it’s easily on the same level. There was a stretch of like 24 months where DMX was on top of the world, but because the window is so short, people sort of forget how good he was.

      1. It was longer stretch than than that. At least 5yrs. It started with Its Dark and Hell is Hot, and ended with The Champ, or something like that. The album had where the hood at on it.
        5 album stretch.
        Then after that, the crack caught up with him

        1. It depends on how you feel about what came after “And then there was X.” There were some good songs on the next two albums but they weren’t at the same level of the first three. They still debuted at #1, those albums, but only went single platinum (also right around the time Napster and that stuff became mainstream)

          1. You can’t judge based on how long a rapper’s career was otherwise Biggie and Pac get undersold, versus a rapper who raps forever but isn’t on that level. DMX is top 5 worthy in my opinion. Speaking of shorter careers, I think Ma$e is the most underated rapper of all time.

  3. But I’m sure he would never reach out to Crossing Broad to plug his latest “groundbreaking” idea…

  4. I have always respected Shander’s knowledge and temperament on the radio. The hate only brings him more viewers and he smartly feeds off of it.

    Good for him and good for Mosher who got totally F’d at Comcast SportsNet.

    They deserve it. Not quite Scorpion and Sub-Zero but definitely Jameer and Delonte.

  5. I tried. I gave it 20 minutes. This is brutal. Crystal Rich said the word “drownding” numerous times. There’s no need for the constant jump cuts from camera to camera. This is a one camera shoot. It’s just not good.

  6. I guess Lou Curto will never get a gig in this town. Makes sense, all he does is stupid fantasy lists on different topics.

  7. Where the heck has Mosher been?
    He had a very good first week Eagles podcast and then NOTHING!
    Gotta have Joe Pelligrino on that Mount Rushmore!

  8. I wonder if Eytan can still urinate properly with what else might be oozing out of there due to all of his, eh hem, Tinder “dates”. He’s a walking VD petrie dish!!

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