The Phillies introduced new free agent acquisition Andrew McCutchen at Citizens Bank Park earlier this afternoon. It was pretty standard fare as the 2013 National League MVP put on a Phillies jersey for the first time, smiled for the cameras, and said some nice things about the city and its fans.

If you want to watch the whole thing, the link is below, but here’s the rundown:

  • First and foremost, McCutchen’s son is indeed adorable. Kevin covered this earlier.
  • Gabe Kapler looks great. He looks both toned and strong. His skin is gently tanned and looks like it’s been well moisturized. No let up on that front in the offseason.
  • Kapler gave up his No. 22 to McCutchen. He’ll wear No. 19 next season. Very important to note the number switch—gotta know what to look for when you’re down at the park on opening night and want to needlessly boo him. Can’t have any mix up there.
  • McCutchen is happy to be with the Phillies. They fell a little short last season, but wants to help move the team forward and win a championship.
  • He believes his offseason preparation has helped keep him on the field. He prepares to play 162+ games (he’s played at least 153 games in each of the past four seasons). He’s spoken to Kapler about managing days off.
  • His home is outside of Pittsburgh, so he’s happy about being close to it.
  • McCutchen has a career .872 OPS and 17 extra-base hits in 35 career games at Citizens Bank Park. He calls the idea of playing 80+ games there this season “fun” and “beneficial.”

More after the jump:

  • On his leadership skills, McCutchen describes himself as someone who leads by example, but when he needs to say something, he will.
  • You knew he would be asked about Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Says he doesn’t “think too deep into” it. He didn’t offer the “I’m going to recruit these guys hard” line I’m sure everybody was dying for.
  • At 32 years old, he believes he can be better than he’s been the past couple seasons. He’s looking forward to learning from his mistakes and playing even better.
  • “Cutch” appears to be the nickname of choice to be used by Kapler.
  • He feels he can still play all three outfield positions. Notes playing in San Francisco is difficult defensively and he held his own, so he can adjust.
  • McCutchen is comfortable hitting anywhere in the lineup and says it doesn’t matter. He’s not selfish and wants to be a team player. It’s worth noting he did have an .886 OPS in 49 games in the leadoff spot last season. Given the current composition of the Phillies’ roster, I would assume he will hit leadoff or third, depending on matchups.

He seems like a good guy, and if he produces reasonably well, fans are going to love him. If you want to learn something about McCutchen’s recent play and what to reasonably expect from him with the Phillies, I recommend this deeper dive I wrote last week.

Also, you can check out the full presser here: