“I Want it to Work” – GM Chuck Fletcher Sticking With Dave Hakstol For Now

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New Flyers General Manager Chuck Fletcher was introduced to the media today.

He spoke for 25 minutes and the question about Dave Hakstol finally came at the 21:14 mark of the press conference.

Said Fletcher on the coaching staff:

They’re our coaches, the coaches of the Philadelphia Flyers. I spent time with Hak yesterday and again this morning, talked to him about what we want to do for the upcoming road trip and which players we’re going to bring on the trip. He’ll get tired of me. I’m around after every game, I’m around every morning. I like to have coffee with the coaches and just get a sense of what they wanna do each day.

I think you have to give people a chance to show how they’re going to work with you, and it’s easy to have opinions on the outside, but I think when you’re talking about making a decision on the future of a coaching staff, I think you’d better have a little bit more specific information than what I have right now.

I want it to work. I want it to be successful with this group. It’s not a threat or anything, but as I’ve said, if we don’t have the solutions in house, we’ll look outside. There’s no timetable for any of that other than we’re just trying to get better. We want to make the playoffs this year. We want to win a Stanley Cup as soon as we can. Every decision we make will be towards that goal. Right now we’re just starting.

I think that’s what we expected. Paul Holmgren and Dave Scott could have axed Hakstol along with Ron Hextall, but they’re leaving the decision up to Fletcher, who looks like he’s going to give Hak a shot to prove himself.


Press conference video after the jump:


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  1. I want Hak gone, but I am honestly ok with Fletcher making the decision on it – instead of Homer and Scott. It’s pretty obvious he won’t hesitate to pull the plug if they lose 4-5 in a row or something like that.

  2. “RIght now we’re just getting started” is not what fans wanted to hear after 5 years of mediocrity and patience. How much information do you need? The team is a wagon on paper but they’ve underperformed. But that’s fine. Let’s sit here and wait to see how this miserable season ends up before we make a change when Q is sitting right over there. The team needs entirely new ownership and fresh leadership from the top down. Hiring some retread GM that failed in a different city is going to result in more of the same.

    I assumed the only reason they didn’t oust Hextall AND Hakstol was because they wanted to let the GM pick his guy. That theory’s out and we have this goober looking dork saying he wants to grab some coffees with Hakstol and the fellas before he does anything rash. Miss me with this bullshit.

    1. Amen.

      That Hakstol hasn’t already been fired by Fletcher shows Fletcher is an incompetent boob as well.

  3. “I want it to work” – every battered housewife agreeing to couples therapy to delay the inevitable divorce. This is going to end up 1 of 2 ways. Either Hakstol is out by the end of the month, or the flyers go on a 10 game tear and act like they were supposed to all season to save Hak’s job (in which case I will buy SanFilippo a beer because it would confirm all his reporting to date on this soap opera )

  4. I have to agree with keeping Hakstol.

    As everyone knows, Hakstol is a Flyers coaching legend! He won 4 Stanley Cups here as coach of the Flyers, right.

    They can’t just throw him away for having one bad seaso

  5. Fletcher is not going to fire him before Christmas. He’ll let Hal finish out the year and make the change in the new year.

  6. I want Fletcher to fix the goalie situation. Firing Hakstol and putting a coach in place that would change the system will basically kill any hope they have of making the playoffs this year. The only real way to judge the coaching situation is to put all resources on the line short of trading hart and Frost to bring in a legit number one goaltender. That will bring clarity to all the other decisions. let’s face it, they need a 2C, a veteran 2nd pairing Dman and a new PK strategy or personnel grouping. Go get a number one and have the young guys play him out of that spot, eventually you’ll need a 1A, 1B anyway to play a 50/30 split.

    1. 50/30 solit, makes sense, u could put a garbage can in there the other 20%. At least it won’t pull a muscle and it’ll help with the clean up of trash on the ice in front of it.

  7. I don’t think Hakstol has done a very good job at all but I’m okay with GM wanting to evaluate for himself. If he makes change, just for change sake or to appease the fans, that would scare me more. Apparently Hak was undermined by murphy, hamstrung by hextall and hasn’t had a number one goalie for most of his tenure, so let him be evaluated and we will know more in a couple weeks. If the team lets their assholes loosen up a bit and starts playing for the guy, we will know it wasn’t all on him. If they look just as tentative, sloppy and scared, will know it was him. It will be more about the way they play than the wins and losses.

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