I’ve been feeling a bit sick lately. Maybe it’s just a cold, perhaps it’s the flu. Maybe it’s the foreboding feeling that comes with realizing the defending Super Bowl champs have looked like a shell of themselves. Just when I recovered from Doug Pederson’s play-call on 4th-and-1 from the goal line, I saw this:

Yes, that’s Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie playing cornhole at a pregame tailgate. My initial reaction? No. Good God, no, Jeffrey. “Can’t argue with the results?” You bet I can. Multiple violations on the play:

  1. Lurie lines up in front of his platform, rather than to the side.
  2. Overhand. Limited arc. Inconsistent motion. I haven’t seen a shot that flat since Dario Saric. Too soon? Andre Miller then.
  3. He took his phone out. Was he going to call someone? Text? Tweet about it?

This was the worst throw of the night, at least until Mark Sanchez entered the game.