Jim Schwartz on the 90-Yard Touchdown Run: “Mistakes at All Three Levels”

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Adrian Peterson put up 92% of his rushing yards Monday night on one play.

It was a 90-yard touchdown run that gave Washington a brief second quarter lead before the Eagles ultimately pulled ahead and put the game away.

The Birds defense otherwise held Peterson to a measly 8 yards on 8 runs, shutting down the Redskins after Colt McCoy left the game and was replaced by Mark Sanchez, who was playing his first NFL game in two years.

AD turned back the clock with this one:

It was one of the few blemishes on the night for the Eagles defense, which held Washington to just 235 total yards and remained fresh due to a lopsided time of possession number.

Today defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz talked about Peterson’s run:

Obviously the 90-yarder wasn’t a good thing. When you give up a long run it’s very rarely one person’s mistake. You can give up a long pass and it just be one guy. Everybody can do something right and one guy trips and falls down or one guy miscommunicates, and you can look really bad on a pass by one guy. It’s hard to look really bad on a run unless you get mistakes at all three levels. We did on that play. Mistake on the D-line, mistake at linebacker and then a missed tackle on the back end. That’s where you end up.

Schwartz confirmed that the Eagles blitzed on that play, saying he “might have blitzed like three times in the last two weeks, one of which was a 90-yard touchdown run.”

So what happened here?

First off, Malcolm Jenkins is the blitzer, and the Redskins are just running an inside zone play with a receiver and tight end off the right side of the line, who stay in to block:

The Redskins execute nicely, and right tackle Morgan Moses works with tight end Vernon Davis on a double-team of Michael Bennett before releasing and getting a body in front of Nigel Bradham to help wall him off. Cre’Von LeBlanc is matched up with Jamison Crowder, and when Crowder stays in to push Jenkins wide, LeBlanc gets stuck behind the play:

Looks to me like Fletcher Cox was held as Peterson came through the hole.

Beyond that, you’ve got Kamu Grugier-Hill on a bum hand unable to shed Chase Roullier, while Sidney Comes comes in and misses a tackle and Corey Graham can’t detach from Maurice Harris fast enough:

And Peterson is gone.

There’s a lot going on in that sequence. The blitz misses, maybe a hold on Cox, a good double team and combination block by the right tackle, and then Jones comes up and whiffs.

Here’s the rest of the Schwartz quote:

I was proud of the guys the way they rallied behind that and didn’t let one bad play become another. I’ve been in that position before. I think it was 2013. I was in Detroit. We opened the season with Minnesota with Adrian Peterson. He was just coming off leading the NFL in rushing. Our whole game plan was getting him stopped.

The very first play of the game, very first play of the season, was an 80-yard touchdown. It was the same thing. One guy gets out of his gap and makes another guy miss and runs past everybody else. I think that game also, I mean, 80 [yards] on one play, and then we held them to like 95 [yards] or something like that. It was similar.

But I was proud of the guys the way they bounced back from that. I think limiting the run game not just with him, but with [Redskins RB] Chris Thompson, who I have a lot respect for as a back, that obviously was where we were in that game and got us to where we were in that game.

It’s true, Thompson didn’t do anything at all coming off the injury. He finished with three carries for three yards and three receptions for 18 yards.

Here’s the play Schwartz is talking about from 2013, when Peterson gashed the Lions. You’ll have to watch it on Youtube since the NFL doesn’t allow embedding, but it looks pretty damn similar to Monday night’s run:




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