Jon Heyman Seems To Think Phillies’ First Focus Will Be On Bryce Harper


Behold, the hot stove’s flames persist through the dark hours of this December night.

Things have quickly heated up for the Phillies tonight, and as we wait for clarity on the reported deal that would land them All-Star infielder Jean Segura, perhaps in exchange for former top prospect J.P. Crawford,  FanCred’s Jon Heyman has further stoked the fire:

But which free agent mega star? There’s some uncertainty.

Heyman’s suggestion the Phillies will focus on free agent outfielder Bryce Harper conflicts with the most recent piece by NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury, which states the team is focused on making a Machado/Segura infield happen.

We will likely soon know, but after seven summers of often shitty and utterly depressing baseball, I think we need to pause for a moment and breathe in the beauty of Heyman’s tweet:

*Focus on one free agent mega star at a time*

Hello, baseball relevance–it’s good to be back.

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2 Responses

  1. Much like Jeremy Shockey would have been and much like T.O. was … Most people probably bate Harper but they will LOVE HIM as a Philadelphia sports Star.

    The little prick stole Home after being pelted by Cole Hamels … Even I had to admit the little fuck had some balls at that point.

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