Kareem Hunt was released by the Chiefs after video surfaced on Friday of him shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel. The incident dated back to February of this year but the surveillance video only recently came to light.

It’s just a matter of time before some other team picks him up, not today on waivers necessarily, but maybe in the offseason, and on Saturday Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk suggested that the Eagles could be in the mix:

Potential candidates include, as mentioned last night, the Eagles. Also, the Browns currently are run by the guy who drafted Hunt in Kansas City. And what if Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy ends up coaching his own team (which could be Cleveland)?

Plus, Washington can never be ruled out, because Washington already has proven that talent continues to trump whether and to what extent a player has gotten in trouble. And Hunt clearly has talent. If that didn’t matter, guys like Tyreek Hill and Joe Mixon wouldn’t currently be employed by NFL teams.

The Eagles need a running back.

Kareem Hunt is really good.

Therefore, it makes sense from a football perspective.

However –

I have no idea how Birds fans would react to this kind of signing. It would certainly tell us a lot about ourselves and where we stand on players with “off field issues.”

Not long ago, Michael Vick went to jail, did his time, came to Philly, and really turned out to be a professional guy who reformed himself and got his life together. That’s one example on the positive end of the spectrum.

Then you’ve got Nigel Bradham, who punched a pool boy in the face and broke his nose, but most Eagles fans didn’t really seem to give a shit about that one way or another. He played really well and helped win this franchise its first Super Bowl.

Some people will say, “Well domestic violence is different. You can’t hit a woman.” That’s something I think we all agree on, but is it okay to hit a man? I’m pretty sure you probably should not punch anyone in the face or kick them while they’re on the ground, whether they are a man, woman, dog, cat, or any other living, breathing creature.

Bradham’s case is different than Vick’s case, which is certainly different than Hunt’s case. God forbid we actually let the legal process play out. To that point, you can feel however you’d like to feel, I think I’m just bothered by these people who draw a hard line in the sand against violence in general, then try to cherry pick what’s okay and what’s not okay and end up outing themselves as hypocrites instead.


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