Kareem Hunt to the Eagles – Yes or No?

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Kareem Hunt was released by the Chiefs after video surfaced on Friday of him shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel. The incident dated back to February of this year but the surveillance video only recently came to light.

It’s just a matter of time before some other team picks him up, not today on waivers necessarily, but maybe in the offseason, and on Saturday Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk suggested that the Eagles could be in the mix:

Potential candidates include, as mentioned last night, the Eagles. Also, the Browns currently are run by the guy who drafted Hunt in Kansas City. And what if Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy ends up coaching his own team (which could be Cleveland)?

Plus, Washington can never be ruled out, because Washington already has proven that talent continues to trump whether and to what extent a player has gotten in trouble. And Hunt clearly has talent. If that didn’t matter, guys like Tyreek Hill and Joe Mixon wouldn’t currently be employed by NFL teams.

The Eagles need a running back.

Kareem Hunt is really good.

Therefore, it makes sense from a football perspective.

However –

I have no idea how Birds fans would react to this kind of signing. It would certainly tell us a lot about ourselves and where we stand on players with “off field issues.”

Not long ago, Michael Vick went to jail, did his time, came to Philly, and really turned out to be a professional guy who reformed himself and got his life together. That’s one example on the positive end of the spectrum.

Then you’ve got Nigel Bradham, who punched a pool boy in the face and broke his nose, but most Eagles fans didn’t really seem to give a shit about that one way or another. He played really well and helped win this franchise its first Super Bowl.

Some people will say, “Well domestic violence is different. You can’t hit a woman.” That’s something I think we all agree on, but is it okay to hit a man? I’m pretty sure you probably should not punch anyone in the face or kick them while they’re on the ground, whether they are a man, woman, dog, cat, or any other living, breathing creature.

Bradham’s case is different than Vick’s case, which is certainly different than Hunt’s case. God forbid we actually let the legal process play out. To that point, you can feel however you’d like to feel, I think I’m just bothered by these people who draw a hard line in the sand against violence in general, then try to cherry pick what’s okay and what’s not okay and end up outing themselves as hypocrites instead.


Would you take Kareem Hunt on the Eagles?
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20 Responses

  1. This is so stupid. We’re no better than Washington, Dallas, or any of the other scumbag franchises that willfully employ players who’ve committed violence against women. Vick went to prison, lost millions of dollars, and paid his debt to society. Don’t compare that to any of these other assholes who haven’t served a moment in prison and paid far less in financial consequences.

    NO to Kareem Hunt. He’s a piece of shit!

    1. Like it or not talent trumps character in the NFL. There will be a number of teams that will look into signing Hunt come the offseason. Given the fact that Eagles showed an interest in Foster, there is not doubt they will certainly one of those teams interested in signing a 23 year old who has 3,000 yards and 25 TDs in less than 2 seasons.

      1. Tell me and everyone here something we don’t already know. Of course the guy is talented and his production is off the charts, but that doesn’t mean the Eagles should sign him. They inquired about Foster, but obviously decided not to move forward after they got details. There’s nothing wrong with doing some research into a player, especially when there isn’t video evidence available for all to see.

  2. YES! Sign OJ Simpson and Rae Carruth while we are at it as well. Need to solidify the receiving corp and back fireld

  3. comparing him to Ray Rice, Joe Mixon, or OJ? Please…he pushed a girl…………this wasn’t a crime or assault or domestic violence or anything like what those other guys did. This was a push and a half hearted kick……………Assuming he has no history of this type of behavior, I say sign him, let him serve whatever suspension he gets, take some training and that’s it. I don’t agree with what he did at all, but people are getting a little carried away with the comparisons…..I saw a video of Shady McCoy, and 10 of his buddies beating, kicking, stomping, whatever you want to call it, two off duty police men and no one got so much as a slap on the wrist…..now this guy should never be able to work again because he pushed a girl?

  4. The Eagles have become a scumbag organization. Michael Bennett is a scumbag under indictment and for some reason the NFL sees no problem in allowing him to play so the Eagles organization and fans love him, even though he trampled an elderly woman.

    Howie Roseman can’t ever see a big name without going after him. So, Hunt will be an Eagle next season. The team will already be in Cap Hell for the next two years but that won’t stop Howie from screwing things up more.

  5. I would say no, but I’m not sure if I would say the same thing if we had lost the Superbowl.

    I also was very against the Mike Vick signing, but in the end he won me over as a person and to this day seems to be what anyone would ever hope for as far as someone doing their time and learning from it.

    So….um, I have no idea.

    1. Yeah, Ron Mexico was a guy of high moral fiber.

      He won you over because he played good for 10 games in 2010 and then reverted to being a mediocre QB who couldn’t read a defense to save his life and he handed the ball to the defense either through fumbles or INTs like he was knowingly spreading ST Ds to unknowing partners.

      1. I honestly was not talking about his on-field performance at all. He was an average quarterback on a slightly above average Eagles team that didn’t win anything of real note while he was under center.

        Vick spent his time in jail, came out contrite, and has not had a sniff of legal issues since. He owed a lot of people a lot of money and made sure he paid back every dime, like a responsible man would do. He even lobbied congress to make the crimes he committed an even more serious crime going forward, when I’m sure just a few tv spots would have done the job. This country would be in much better shape if more people came out of jail with the same mindset he did.

        1. To be fair most ex-cons don’t have millions of dollars when they go into jail and stand to make millions more when getting out

          1. Fair point, but if we are talking strictly about Vick, its hard to imagine a more desirable outcome from a rehabilitation standpoint. He very well could have spent his remaining money on lawyers to help weasel out of paying a majority of those financial debts and just went back to his old life giving only lip service to his contrition, but he didn’t.

  6. Sign him today if it’ll bring just one more win. These guys are all nothing but court jesters for my entertainment. Not a one would give two shits about any of my problems. I don’t care he clubs baby seals on the off day. They all lost me when they showed their true colors by disrespecting those that served our country.

  7. You are forgetting one important aspect that makes this discussion completely ridiculous…….Christina Weiss-Lurie. She is still part owner and heavily involved with women’s right movements and on the board of many charitable causes that fund social programs against domestic violence. I don’t see Jeff Lurie even considering this given his ex-wife’s prominence.

  8. Maybe if he didn’t kick her. That shows something isn’t right with his head. You and I wouldn’t get away with that. Where’s the racial chants? Black man kicks white girl? Where’s the baiters? He’s sorry because he got caught. Fool.

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