Landry Fields and Markelle Fultz: Similar Nerve Issues?

via Youtube

I know we’re on Markelle Fultz overload, but this is an interesting nugget making the social media rounds.

Landry Fields spent five seasons in the NBA before a nerve issue in his right arm led to multiple surgeries and forced an adjustment to his shooting form. It was an issue that played a role in bringing his career to an end a few short years later.

Wednesday, Fields popped up on Twitter in response to a weeks-old tweet pointing out the similarities between his and Markelle’s struggles:

It’s not technically the same thing, the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome that Fultz was diagnosed with, but there’s a lot of similar stuff that shows up on tape, after the jump:

Check out this video footage overlaid with Markelle footage and a Fields interview, which dates back to 2012:


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