After what was roughly a four-hour visit to Citizens Bank Park, Manny Machado’s afternoon free agent visit with the Phillies has concluded:

Maybe it was at Machado’s request, but I kind of can’t believe they just let him walk right out the front door and into a swarm of Phillies fans and cameras.

Earlier in the day, the meeting between the Phillies and Machado got off to an inauspicious start that included the 26-year-old superstar:

  • Being awkwardly greeted by a local construction worker

  • Being followed by reporters to the main entrance of the building–not the private players’ entrance

  • Being forced to briefly wait outside the door as cameras rolled

Of course, what transpired once Machado finally got inside the building will ultimately dictate whether or not he’s in red pinstripes this upcoming season. From NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury:

Machado was to spend several hours visiting with Phillies officials. He and his wife, Yainee, were to have lunch in a suite overlooking the field and Machado’s image on Phanavision. A tour of the clubhouse and other ballpark facilities was planned. The Phillies’ welcoming party included Klentak, Kapler, managing partner John Middleton, club president Andy MacPhail, assistant general manager Ned Rice, hitting coach John Mallee and bench coach Rob Thomson. Surely, there would be a give and take, with Machado asking questions about the team’s direction and team officials asking about the controversial “Johnny Hustle” comments that he made in October.

According to Salisbury, Machado is scheduled to have dinner with Phillies representatives this evening before flying back to Miami tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.