Of Course Nick Foles Was Named NFC Offensive Player of the Week


Was there ever even a doubt? Of course Nick Foles is the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. After engineering the Eagles’ season-saving 32-30 comeback win over the Houston Texans last Sunday, Foles, who is now 8-2 as the starting quarterback (including postseason) during his second stint with the Eagles, completed 35 of 49 pass attempts for 471 yards and four touchdowns.

Did it matter that Halapoulivaati Vaitai was matched up on Jadeveon Clowney for much of the day? Nope. Did it matter the run game produced only a meager 2.6 yards per carry? Not at all. Did it matter the season was, in fact, on the line? You already know the answer. The Eagles still managed to produce at least 30 points for the second-straight week, and for just the third time this season.

While Foles’ cumulative numbers were spectacular, it was his performance on the deciding drive that made for a special performance.

Facing a crucial third down deep in their own territory in the game’s waning moments, Foles converted a critical third down completion to Alshon Jeffery, despite taking a crushing hit to the sternum delivered by Jadeveon Clowney:


He then returned to the field to finish the memorable drive which was capped by Jake Elliott’s 35-yard game-winning field goal. That’s legend-type stuff from a legend in what was almost certainly his last game as an Eagle in front of the home crowd. I think you could say I loved this performance, and, you know, last season’s Super Bowl run almost as much as most Eagles fans love the 13 games of Carson Wentz’s 2017 season. Some life advice for my future children: go out there, traverse the world, explore all of its wonders, and find something or someone to love as much as Eagles fans love the 13 games of Wentz’s 2017 season.

Anyway, you can check out the rest of Foles’ highlights from the win after the jump:


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  1. It has literally become almost impossible to keep track of the Philly fanbase/talk radio narraative…

    “Foles sucks, look at what he did for the Rams, Wentz is God.”
    “Simmons is a “generational player” and is working out with Lebron”
    “Wentz was an MVP and Foles won’t win it all.”
    “Wow, Foles is the man and is a Super Bowl Champion, let Wentz sit out all year.”
    “Simmons can’t shoot, what a bust.. we lost on purpose for this?”
    “Wow Foles looks like crap, is Wentz healthy yet?”
    “Simmons can’t shoot and he clearly won’t ever improve, trade him.”
    “Wow, Wentz looks rusty, ehh let’s chalk this up to a lost year, we did win last year after all…”
    “Wow, Simmons had a triple double with no turnovers, whoever wanted to trade him is a moron.”
    “Wow Foles just wins big games, we should trade Wentz to the Raiders for 2x 1st Rd. picks.”
    “Wow, are we really celebrating Simmons’ 1st ever 22 footer? Trade him now before we have to pay him.”

    Did I miss anything? Nice article though, seriously.

    1. You’re the moron apparently for actually listening to that crap. You’re the problem, not the solution. But thank you for reminding me of why I stopped listening many many years ago

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