“Philadelphia is Already Dysfunctional With Jimmy Butler”

According to Colin Cowherd:

Last time I checked, the Sixers are 10-3 since Butler arrived. Joel Embiid’s comments from the weekend were handled internally and he says that all is well.

Time’s yours.

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9 Responses

  1. Why would anyone allow themselves to be bothered with anything that comes from the mouths of Cowherd, Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, etc. The daily objective of these national blowhards is very simple….say something outrageous or outlandish to get people talking about them and their terrible shows. Rinse and repeat for the next day. This jackass pundit sitting in his studio that is 2,800 miles away has about as much of a true pulse of what’s going on in the Sixers locker room as the guy selling rock ass hard pretzels out of the shopping cart on 11th Street. Now, that guy knows his shit!

  2. I predicted Embiid and Butler would have a fist fight during a five game losing streak in February. Looks like the brawl will be sooner than I thought.

    10-3, yes. But those ten wins were pretty much against garbage teams.

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