Tom Cudeyro, the intrepid 57-year-old electrician and champion of the people who spotted Manny Machado and urged the slugger to “get that money” outside of Citizens Bank Park yesterday, chatted with WIP’s Angelo Cataldi this morning.

The meeting, which can best be described as a perfect storm of Philadelphia blue collar/lunch pail irony, was not staged and instead happened by accident, according to Cudeyro.

Cudeyro told Cataldi he was in the area for a job setting traffic poles in front of the stadium when during his lunch break he made his way over to greet Machado. Simple enough.

And here we all thought this guy was a planted prop in a surreal sequence that included Machado and his team arriving through the stadium’s main entrance, only to wait for Matt Klentak to open the locked door with the pace of an unsuspecting elderly person. Shame on us.

You can listen to the full spot after the jump: