We don’t know where the Raiders will play next year, but Haverford School alumnus Mike Mayock will reportedly be their General Manager.

Per Schefty:

Mayock is a draft guru and analyst for the NFL Network. He uses a lot of great terms like “football guy,” “high motor,” and “pad level” to describe prospects. I personally think he does a really good job doubling as the Eagles’ preseason color commentator alongside Scott Graham.

He’ll be working with Jon Gruden out west, so I don’t know how much decision making power he’s actually going to have, since it seems like Gruden is calling all of the shots for that franchise. Mayock is known as a guy who watches something like a billion hours of film every week, so perhaps he’ll work together with Gruden to canvass the personnel market while Gruden himself decides who to draft and who to sign.

I’m intrigued. Could be a total disaster or a raging success, but I like Mayock and think he does a hell of a job analyzing talent and breaking down the game.