A true battle of the titans took place during halftime of the Eagles’ Monday night victory over the Washington Redskins. The Philly Pro Mascots took on the Philly College Mascots, and in a game with everything on the line, the pros dialed up Philly Philly:


Swoop played the Nick Foles role and sold it well. Gritty delivered an underhand snap that would make Jason Kelce blush. The Phillie Phanatic takes the snap and pitches it to Franklin, who under throws an open lob to Swoop, who gets past the St. Joe’s Hawk to score.

Let’s go to the All-22 film to break down each member’s contribution to the play:


Props to Gritty, who attempted to bring his hockey stick into the play until the ref confiscated it. Gritty then peeled off and took the Temple Owl with him. Due to his girth, it appears that Gritty affected the La Salle Explorer’s path to the QB.


Nice job receiving the snap. Solid pitch to Franklin in stride.


Disappointing throw on the move. Perhaps he was afraid to throw from farther than eight feet away.


Excellent catch and turn. He really turned on the afterburners and flew to the endzone.

Wingston and Phang

Some wondered why these guys were even on the field, but they proved their worth. Both mascots leveled their defenders with strong blocks.

Here are some other angles:

Poor effort by the Penn Quaker on that one.

I know Villanova has had a bit of a rough start to their season, but Will D. Cat getting manhandled by the Union’s mascot is a bad look. Don’t tell Kyle. [Editor’s note: Villanova has won two National Championships in the last three years and just won yet another tournament and hasn’t lost in the Big 5 since Obama’s first term. I think I will get over this.]