Jason Myrtetus is Reporting That Carson Wentz Was “Not Made Aware” of Fracture in his Back

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


I hope Jason’s source is good, because this is some pretty serious stuff. And if it’s true, the resulting legal process will be something else.

Let me leave you with the eye emoji:


A bit of info from Jeff McLane:


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  1. Yes he will. He’s a man of God and forgiveness and all that nonsense.

    This team however is a joke from top to bottom. How quick the fall..

  2. If this is true then Esports Truly Are The Future of this Town because Carson is gone.

  3. I thought the scan was inconclusive

    Myretus is talking out his ass. Something her learned at the feet of Mikey Miss

  4. Jeff Mclane has been on this new medical staff controversy all season, which means some players are feeding him something.

    1. Jeff Mclane still thinks Mike Vick can take the Eagles to the Super Bowl

  5. Myrtetus is a moron. How is he an on air personality? Let alone management over there? I’m a flyers guy too and he stinks. Now, he is breaking stories that are total fake news. Hold his feet to the fire y’all

    1. Of he has zero credibility or sources than how did he have the other key aspect of the fractured vertebrae before everyone else. Shefter and Rappaports tweets were spin from the team after the story leaked. Again. How did Myrtetus have it first if he had no sources? Ask yourself that important question.

      1. Come on Martinez…don’t disguise yourself as a random person posting a comment and make an obvious grammatical error to further make it look like you typically post in the comments thread. You said this same thing on air at 1:30 yesterday afternoon.

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