Report: Chuck Fletcher Will be Next Flyers GM

Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger reported that the Flyers were meeting with ex-Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher. It was, according to Dreger, Fletcher’s “job to lose.”

Today Sam Carchidi over at the Inquirer is reporting that Fletcher will indeed be named the 8th GM in Flyers history.

Writes Carchidi:

A high-ranking club official said Fletcher will replace Ron Hextall, who was stunningly fired Nov. 26 while in his fifth season as GM. Bill Zito, a Columbus assistant general manager, was believed to be the runner-up to Fletcher.

Every general manager has his own take “on how it should be run,” the Flyers executive said. “For me, and I think Chuck has done the same, I think it’s how you treat your people, so everybody is included as to what’s going on. The people who work for you have to know you trust them and want their opinions and care about them — and it will be returned every time. Chuck will have that.”

Anthony can confirm this report from an organizational source.

This is also interesting, from Carchidi’s write-up:

Fletcher’s family has ties to the recently fired Joel Quenneville, who coached Chicago to three Stanley Cups and is a candidate to replace Dave Hakstol if the new GM changes his coach. Cliff Fletcher hired Quenneville as an AHL assistant coach for St. John’s (Toronto’s affiliate) in 1991. As a GM, Cliff Fletcher acquired eight players in deals who became Hall of Famers. He made several blockbuster trades and became known as the “Silver Fox” and “Trader Cliff” – much like former Flyers GM Keith Allen was known as “Keith the Thief.”

I’m interested to see how Hakstol does without Ron Hextall apparently lording over him, but I’d empty my bank account, throw what little cash I have in my Nissan Frontier, and drive it to Chicago if it meant bringing Q to Philadelphia.

I wrote a bit about Fletcher last week, who made the killer free agent signings of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, but his teams struggled to advance beyond the 1st round of the playoffs. He spent nine years in his GM role with Minnesota.

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  1. Seriously Kinker? A Nissan Frontier? The truck built for women? You drive a woman’s car? Kyle also drives an A4 which is a woman’s car. What’s with all CB bloggers driving female vehicles? I bet my 401k Russ drives a Subaru. Hahahahaha. And Philip? I have him pegged as a Honda Pilot kinda guy.

    1. Phil went with the Pilot because his fat ass couldn’t fit into a Prius!

    2. There are plenty of reasons to bag on someone who drives a nissan frontier but claiming that a pickup truck is not manly enough is just reaching. Here, watch:

      “Seriously kinker? A Nissan Frontier? The truck that only got 2 out of 5 stars in its latest car and driver review? Funny, 2 out of 5 is about how I’d rate your knowledge of the flyers! Stop writing about shit you barely comprehend!”

      See, much more effective

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        You actually wrote this. You actually believe this.

          1. Since we’re being petty… “You actually wrote this. You actually believe this”

            “This song has a five-chord progression that would make Green Day proud.”
            “Difference is, Green Day was rad and Blur kind of sucks.”
            “If you like the song, you’re basically an idiot.”
            (nice self-own!)

            “Problem with Enter Sandman is that it’s not even the heaviest tune on the Black Album, which would be “Sad But True.” I understand it has a long build-up that hits a crescendo, so I guess that’s why it’s always been used at sporting events over the years.

            I’d rank the songs on the S/T like this:

            Holier Than Thou
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            Enter Sandman
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            Nothing Else Matters”

            You took the time to rank the songs on a 21 year old metallica album as if anyone cared. Are you 12?

            And just for good measure… and to prove that I’m not alone in thinking you’re a great basketball and football writer but a shitty hockey writer:

            You actually wrote this. You actually believe this:

            “I know what you’re thinking – “here’s the basketball guy talking to me about ice hockey.””

            Toughen up, nancy boy. It’s just internet banter. <3

            1. Do you understand what the quotation marks mean in that original story?

              This line –

              “If you like the song, you’re basically an idiot.”

              – was written in the body of the quote that I shared. That’s not me saying that I think you are an idiot for liking the song. That’s literally what it said in the block quote, which I repeated after the quote for emphasis.

  2. If Quennville is a reasonable option, Hakstol should be fired three minutes after the Fletcher hire is official.

  3. yeah I get that guy. you say it’s a 5 chord progression that sounds like a band you like, green day. Then you post a quote where the Damon Albarn calls you an idiot for liking it. That’s a self-own in my book, big boy.

      1. About time dude. Only thing worse than your knowledge of music is your taste in music. I’ll throw you a bone though – you know more about the flyers than you do about music. See I can be reasonable!

        1. I’ll leave you with this:

          if you enjoy “Gorillaz” and think that shitty Britpop like Parklife is “actually quite good,” then you can’t criticize other people’s musical interests

          the end

          1. Should I rank the Gorillaz albums in terms of how HEAVY they are? You apparently lack the capacity to comprehend music on any other level. How many instruments do you play again?

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