J.T. Realmuto is one of the best players in baseball that you may not know a thing about. Tucked away in the depths of baseball anonymity with the Miami Marlins since his debut in 2014, the 27-year-old Realmuto has emerged in recent seasons as one of baseball’s best young catchers. He led all catchers in fWAR a season ago, slashing .277/.340/.484 over 125 games. Throw in 30 doubles, 21 homers, and 74 RBI from a guy who primarily works behind the dish, and, well, that’s what I would call a pretty strong season.

Man, it would be awesome if the Phillies could get a guy like that. You know?

Well then.

Here’s Realmuto, considered by many around the game to be baseball’s most athletic catcher. Check him out in action, after the jump:

He talked about his wheels and what it adds to his game in a 2017 MLB.com article:

I get it from infielders all the time. If I beat out a ground ball at the shortstop, every now and then, playing a new team, they’ll take their time in throwing me out. They’ll either just get me or sometimes I’ll beat it. I’d catch them by surprise. The next time, they’d come into the box, they’re like, ‘Man, you are fast for a catcher. I didn’t know you were that fast.’ So it’s still catching guys by surprise, guys I haven’t played before.

That athleticism has also made it very difficult for opponents on the base paths. According to MLB StatCast, his 1.90 second pop time was the best of any catcher that attempted at least five throws to second base.

Of course, whether or not the Phillies get to the finish line on a deal will depend on the asking price. Three factors will make this trade difficult. He’s good, he’s under team control through 2020, and he’s in the division. We know the Phillies are willing to get aggressive with their money this offseason, now we’ll see whether or not they’re willing to get equally as aggressive with their player assets.