I have no idea what’s going to happen today. Maybe the Eagles win, maybe they don’t. Maybe the Bears win, maybe they don’t. Here’s what I do know–the Washington Redskins continue to be, without rival, the worst franchise in professional football. We need not spend time listing all of the ways in which they are utterly detestable, so let’s instead take a look at the latest example.

Here’s Eagles kicker Jake Elliott going through his routine during pregame warmups at FedEx Field, which, by the way, figures to be occupied by roughly 700 Redskins fans this afternoon. This, for whatever reason, was an issue for one Washington player:

Uh-oh! We’ve got a tough guy over here!

According to Clark, the player is believed to be defensive tackle Jonathan Allen. Let’s check in with Allen, who posted these words of wisdom on Twitter last night:

Ah, yes. Apparently, being a beast includes needlessly acting like a jerk to a 5’9″, 168-pound placekicker. A real study in courage, for sure. Here’s hoping Elliott gets the chance to drill a 50-yarder right in his face.