Vikings Fans Aren’t Thrilled With John DeFilippo (Who was Just Fired)

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Update: I literally pressed publish like two seconds before he was fired –

Here’s the old story:


We often hear about how much the Eagles are missing Frank Reich and John DeFilippo, the offensive coordinator and QB coach who departed for Indy and Minnesota this summer, respectively.

Reich has the Colts in contention for a wild card spot at 7-6. They started the season 1-5 and have now ripped off six wins in their last seven games.

“Flip,” however, is not exactly lighting the world on fire.

The Vikings lost 21-7 to the Seahawks last night and are now 6-6-1 with three defeats in their last four games. Kirk Cousins has led his squad to just 17 points in the last two games, which admittedly were tough tests in Seattle and New England.

Star wide receiver Adam Thielen doesn’t want the blame to go to Flip, for what it’s worth:

“You hear the offensive coordinator is getting a lot of ridicule, but it’s about the players,” wide receiver Adam Thielen said. “The players have got to make the plays. It doesn’t matter what play is called, you have to run that play and you have to be successful on it. It just comes down to execution, all 11 players doing the right thing.’’

Fans and some media up there don’t see it the same way, but they’re not entirely hot on Cousins either. After the jump:

Surely Mike Zimmer wouldn’t can Flip after one year, would he?

And surely Doug Pederson wouldn’t tell Mike Groh to take a hike after the same amount of time, right?

More importantly, would you prefer DeFilippo over Groh at this point?

Seriously – would you rather have Flip or Groh right now? It’s a question worth asking.


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  1. He seemed to work well with Wentz and Foles. It sets Groh up as the fall guy for a shitty season. Its plausible.

  2. Gotta wonder if the Eagles weren’t happy with him either and that’s why they let him walk so easily.

  3. I’m sorry, I have to say this. It’s no way in hell Duce Staley is worst than Groh & Defillipo. Come on.

  4. Well, bringing Peters and Sproles back has worked wonders, why not give it a shot?

  5. Funny story. Last year I saw Kyle at the Sixers Cavs game. We were in the men’s room. There were 2 urinals open and a line for the stalls. Kyle waited for a stall. I stuck around to see what he was doing, the guy pissed in the stall and locked the door. Poor guy.

    1. There is absolutely nothing funny about that. It was boring and stupid.

      You must be fun to hang out with.

      “I hung around the men’s room”………..KOO KOO

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