I gotta say, I’m 1000% looking forward this week, the week prior to Christmas no less, to a city inhabited by people wearing Nick Foles jerseys and ski masks. Just a suggestion–maybe stay away from Amazon packages.

After 12 games spent mostly sitting on its heels with opposing offenses dictating play, the Eagles’ defense decided it needed a new mentality and something to rally around before last week’s game against the Cowboys. Maybe a prop, something that played off last year’s unexpected title run? Like, say, a mask:


Although it didn’t pay immediate dividends in last week’s crushing loss at Dallas, the Eagles ran it out again last night:

This time around, it most definitely paid off in their shocking 30-23 win over the Rams that suddenly breathed life into what seemed for sure was a lost season:

So here we are once again, with the backup quarterback leading a team left for dead, rallying around a mask for motivation. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We exist this morning in what I imagine to be Kevin Kinkead’s personal hell. And I’m here for it.

Say no more, man.