A Dance-Off of Epic Proportions

via TNT

This has been brewing for some time.

If you go down to Sixers games with any sort of frequency, no doubt you’ve seen two kids steal the show when it comes to various jumbotron activities during commercial breaks.

One of them does the “backpack kid” flossing dance and has appeared during pretty much every single game this season. The other guy has more risque moves, but they are both much better dancers than I am.

Last night they were pitted against each other in what turned into a shirtless dance-off:


I think some of these are Fortnite celebration dances, but I’d need a Fortnite player to confirm. Maybe “ESPORTS ARE THE FUTURE” can add some clarity in the comments section.

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6 Responses

  1. at 0:45 the kid in front of the skinny kid starts lickin his chops like he knows chris hansen won’t be jumping out from the laundry room anytime soon

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