Angelo Cataldi, Painting Himself Into a Corner

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Angelo Cataldi is not a Manny Machado fan. Machado doesn’t hustle. He’s not a blue collar, lunch pail-carrying, Philly kind of guy.

He says it on the radio and he wrote it in a December Philly Voice column titled “Manny Machado could not be a worse fit for Philadelphia.”

Wrote Cataldi:

Unless Machado passes up tens of millions and goes where he belongs – to his beloved Yankees, who have no soul – all I can offer is what I have learned over nearly 30 years of studying the fans of Philadelphia. What will happen, in his very first year here, will make this the worst transaction in the city’s sports history.

The first time he doesn’t run hard on a ball that hits the top of the outfield wall, he will get booed. The first time he doesn’t bust it on a ground ball that turns into an easy double play, the customers will howl even louder. At $300-million, the target will be bigger on his back than any player who has ever played here. Bet on it.


As others have said, I think we’ll settle for career averages of 31 home runs, 90 runs batted in, and a .822 OPS. I’m willing to bet that most Philly sports fans, who are smarter than Angelo thinks they are, won’t be too bothered by the occasional lazy ground ball if Machado hits anywhere near his typical numbers.

The latest installment in the Cataldi myopia series dropped this week on Voice, a masterpiece called “The Phillies ‘made the rules, it’s time to get stupid.”

Angelo, after the jump:

The Phillies are having an excellent off-season so far, but they are delusional if they think fans will be satisfied with neither Bryce Harper nor Manny Machado on the roster when spring training opens next month.


The last time anyone in the front office addressed the possibility of an off-season without signing Harper or Machado was MacPhail’s obvious attempt last month to weasel out of the pressure caused by Middleton’s boast. Like most recent public displays by the reclusive president, he failed miserably.


“If you talked to John, while he did say that we could be spending a little bit stupid, he also went to great lengths to say that one of those two signings were not going to be a prerequisite for a successful offseason,” MacPhail told “You can have a very successful offseason and not include either one of those [players].”

Yeah, sure. Does MacPhail think he’s still working in Minnesota or Baltimore? Does he actually believe Phillies fans will settle for a couple of hamburgers when filet mignon is on the menu? Is he so clueless that he thinks the customers will be fine with Machado playing 100 miles north in New York, or Harper heading 100 miles south back to D.C.?


So you don’t want Machado, who is “filet mignon,” but if the Phillies “settle for a couple of hamburgers” instead, then fans will be upset?

Seems like a weird stance to take, but I guess I understand what he’s saying. Obviously John Middleton has to put his money where his mouth is. I think everybody agrees with that. He can’t talk an A+ game then put together a B+ offseason. But Angelo is really just painting himself into a corner here, if not contradicting himself.

In the first column, he’s arguing that Manny Machado will be a terrible signing because he doesn’t hustle. Philly fans won’t appreciate his laziness.

In the second column, he’s saying that if the Phillies don’t sign Harper or Machado, then the offseason is a failure. Fans won’t be satisfied.

Technically you could say these ideas are mutually exclusive, the idea of Machado’s fit vs. the idea of Middleton following through on a boast. Still, it’s somewhat goofy and pigeonhole-ish when you boil Angelo’s logic down to something like this:

  1. the Phillies should not sign player X
  2. however, the Phillies offseason will be a failure if they do not sign player X or player Y

Therefore, it’s gotta be player Y or bust, right?

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20 Responses

  1. Watching the radio hosts try and act like they weren’t pushing a total inorganic Trade Wentz agenda last week has been humorous.

    Angelo looking dumb at the end of the day is as much of Philadelphia culture as PENNDOT sucking is.

    1. Angelo is by far the biggest idiot in local radio! He’s like a broken clock…..only right twice a day. It’s amazing that he still has a show.

  2. Perfectly reasonable take. Sign Harper at all costs. I’ve lived outside of Baltimore/DC for close to 15 years now and I’ve seen ALL of Machado’s career. There is no worse fit for the Phillies than Manny. He’s lazy, he’s a dirty player, and I want no part of him in Philly. The offseason is indeed quite simple, Harper or bust. Not to mention, we have a SS already, and Manny has made it clear he prefers to play SS. So he’d be forced to play 3B here which will make him unhappy, and an unhappy Manny is not helpful to your team.

    I think I just agreed with Angelo which hurts me, but I suppose it’s better than agreeing with Mikey Miss

    1. Great radio personality would not know specifics of any sport if it bit him in the nose thank god had a great supporting cast

  3. Can we please STOP mentioning this buffoon????? Hes Philly’s SKIP BAYLESS… not worth any time/energy to defend as hes no longer relevant to people with half a brain. I am only commenting on this post and giving it the clicks because I like this site and this needs to be shouted…PHILLY IS NOT ANGELO anymore….if we are, then we are as a fan base not evolving…which is quite sad…..

    BLOWHARDS are irrelevant….

  4. It’s really a moot point, the Phillies are the fluffers for both these contract negotiations because they made the “stupid money” statement and nobody wants to play in a smaller market than LA/NY unless the absolutely have to. These guys won’t have to, eventually the Dodgers and the Yankees will pony up.

  5. People love my comments on PhillyVoice. I talk about my days in the Coast Guard, how Philly hasn’t had a good morning radio host since Ken Garland, and how i hate blacks.

    1. Shirley gets on and starts yelling or preaching or whatever the hell that is that sends me to the other station, and then to music.

  6. It’s funny how upset kincade is over this Machado thing. First off I want Machado and or Harper , however, the fans and city will go crazy if Machado takes a play off. Even if he does it once , that is one time to many. Ask Jroll or Herrera’. And finally Angelo is number 3 morning show host in Philly and beyond for 30 years. The fans and especially Angelo have forgotten more yesterday then kincade will ever know about sports. Check out Angelo vs Kapler. Enough said. Kincade is probably one of the tools who thinks Foles should be the birds stayer next year. LAUGHABLE

  7. Money would be better spent on Keuchel and Kimbrel. Then trade Alfaro, Eflin, Medina, Moniak, and Suarez for Realmuto. Those 3 will help the Phils win more games than Machado or Harper.

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