Carson Wentz Has Yet to Be Ruled Out for Sunday

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On the latest Crossing Broadcast, Russ asked if I’d rather have Nate Sudfeld or Carson Wentz backing up Nick Foles this weekend.

I guess the answer has to be Carson Wentz, if he’s healthy. You can’t have Sudfeld coming in if Foles separates his shoulder in the first half, right?

The flip side of rolling with Sudfeld is that you’re protecting Wentz for the long-term, allowing him to get back to 100% over the summer, and eliminating any discussion about whether Carson should actually play again in this postseason.

Interestingly enough, the Eagles have not put Wentz on injured reserve, nor have they ruled out Wentz as a practice participant this week.

Here’s what Doug said at Wednesday morning’s press conference:

Jeff McLane: Do you think Carson will be out for Sunday?

Pederson: Carson will be out?

McLane: Have you decided that?

Pederson: I haven’t decided that, no.

McLane: So what would be the reasoning for not having him as the backup if he was (inaudible) clear to go?

Pederson: Well that would be a decision I would make later in the week. I’m not ready to make that decision yet.

McLane: Would there conceivably be a reason for having him as the backup over Nate if he was healthy?

Pederson: That scenario, and we’re talking about ‘what if’s’ again, but I would agree with you yes.. if that came up.

McLane: Is it Nick the rest of the way?

Pederson: This week, yeah. It’s a one and done season now.

A little later in the press conference, Doug was asked about Carson’s practice status:

“As far as his health, he is getting better. As far as practice, I mean right now he’s still resting and until we get the okay from the doctors, we’ll just be going as we’re going.”

Sounds like he’s still far away, but obviously the parameters are different in getting clearance as a backup vs. starting a playoff game.

For what it’s worth, here’s what offensive coordinator Mike Groh had to say about Wentz during his Tuesday press conference:

Q. What has been Carson’s role in meetings and on the field since he’s not practicing? (Jeff McLane)

MIKE GROH: Just like you would expect a typical backup. He’s been energetic and enthusiastic and completely supportive and in Nick’s [Foles] corner all the way. Not only that, he’s really bright, so he’s got good ideas and sees the game during the course of the game. As we all sit over there and talk about the last series or the next series, he’s able to interject and present some of his thoughts, as well.

“A typical backup.”

Not sure if there’s anything to read into with that line.

One more exchange, this one with Groh and Les Bowen:

Q. With Nick and Carson in this situation — I know we’ve asked you this kind of before, but every week it gets a little deeper. Do you have to kind of talk to Carson about, you know, we still know who you are? It’s a muddled situation, a little bit. (Lese Bowen)

MIKE GROH: It’s muddled in what way?

Q. Just that Nick has done so well and Carson is out of view and almost out of mind. (Les Bowen)

MIKE GROH: Oh, I don’t think so. Yeah, we’re not dismissing Carson around here. Like we just talked about, he’s really involved on a daily basis. He’s in a supporting role right now due to his injury, and he’s trying to heal up and get himself ready to go.

We’ve got a lot of confidence in Carson and the kind of player he is, and right now, he’s just being a really good teammate.

Something to keep an eye on. Wentz was not ruled out last week until the Friday afternoon injury report came out, so it should probably be a similar pattern this week.

Time’s yours.

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11 Responses

    1. Bro, the media is asking the question for you the fan. You’d have no information on the team if it wasn’t for their hard work, skippy.

  1. Love the mention of Crossing Broadcast like it has any sort of credibility at this point.

    It is absurd how Kyle started that, promised three shows a week, with two co-hosts ( one in Lefkoe who was legit and Russ who was the goofy “regular guy”).

    Now we get it twice a month tops where Russ leads the pack of co-hosts nobody has heard of.

    Kyle never addressed any of the above which is ridiculously unprofessional as well. It is a joke that if he is trying to make this site legit to treat the podcast like dogshit.

  2. I agree that the podcast has died. In my view, having a former WCU band memberr/school teacher “lead” the broadcast tells you how much effort Mr. Scott gives. I would not be surprised if the podcasts transition to sports handicapping shows. It is shame, there was some momentum last year.

  3. After the Dallas loss, pederson said carsons back will take 3 months to heal.
    It’s been 6 wks tops, maybe not even.
    He’s done for the season.
    What questions are there to ask

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