The Eagles face probably their toughest challenge to get back to the Super Bowl this afternoon as they travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints.

The Saints are favored at -8, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: Thanks for the memories, although Sean Payton is a huge ass. At least we lasted longer than the Cowboys did. Go Rams. Saints 31, Eagles 17 (Saints -8).

Jeff: The Eagles have shown some real championship mettle the past few weeks and redeemed their once embarrassing title defense. I remember them absolutely trouncing Arizona on Thanksgiving night in 2008 or 9, then losing to the very same team in an unexpected NFCCG appearance where IIRC they were favored. Do we get the same result today? Eh…probably not. I think the Birds come out swinging and give the Saints a game, but in the end it’s just not enough. Saints 31, Eagles 28 (Eagles +8).

Mike: ???

Tim: ???

Coggin: Sadly, I think the Eagles run ends tonight. I can’t see them stopping the Saints passing attack, and Alvin Kamara will bust off a few runs that absolutely kill the Birds. Saints 40, Eagles 30 (Saints -8).

Phil: In the moments following last week’s miracle win, I quickly decided that I loved the Saints this week. Nothing that happened in the past week changed my mind. The Eagles really shouldn’t be here anyway. As much as they’ve talked about how they’re “back,” they still have no running game and the secondary hasn’t faced a great quarterback since, well, the 48-7 debacle. Foles will keep them in it for awhile, but ultimately it’s going to be impossible for even him to produce enough points. Watch out for sloppy penalties caused by the noise and late shots taken when the Saints start to pull away. A late Eagles TD will make it look better than it was…sort of like the late season winning streak papered over how they were below .500 so late in the season. Saints 37, Eagles 27 (Saints -8).

Anthony: I didn’t think I’d be doing another prediction this week, but that Eagles horseshoe still had a little luster left on it. So here we are. And it’s cool to get behind this underdog story – again. It’s cool to think the Eagles want revenge for the 48-7 drubbing earlier this season. It’s cool to think they are going to get back at Alvin Kamara for his comments last year that they would have beaten the Eagles if they didn’t blow the game in Minnesota in the Divisional round. It’s cool to think that Nick Foles has more magic tricks than that guy on Netflix that everyone is raving about (Justin Willman – Magic for Humans). It’s cool to think all that. But it’s not going to happen.

This is a proud Eagles team. They will play as well as they can and they will keep this one respectable (I like them to cover). But the magic this season belongs to Drew Brees. I picked a Saints-Chargers Super Bowl at the beginning of the season and I have to stick with that now. Great run by the Birds though. Saints 34, Eagles 27 (Eagles +8).

Bob: I trust Doug Pederson to have this team physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared. And I trust Nick Foles—there’s simply no reason not to trust him. If the Eagles can survive the first 20 minutes and the raucous energy of the home crowd, something they showed they could do in a hostile environment a week ago, I think they have a realistic chance to win the game outright. Still, it remains a tall order to vanquish a team that won the first game by 41 points less than two months ago. Either way, I’m going to grab the eight points and roll with the team that has been a historically excellent underdog. I’ve got the Eagles to cover. Saints 26, Eagles 24 (Eagles +8).

Russ: Get ready for this afternoon’s film “The Double Move: Avonte Maddox v. Michael Thomas”. Brees will pour it on and Kamara’s going to get 95 yds on the D, leading to legit play action opportunities. BUT, it’s Nick Foles’ time of year. Foles keeps it close, despite minimal success on the ground (as per usual). The Eagles get gashed in the third, but rally one more time. Eagles 38, Saints 31 (Eagles +8).

Kevin: ???

Kyle: ???