After playing in pretty much elimination games for the past month, the Eagles are actually in a real elimination game as they take on the Chicago Bears in the NFC Wild Card.

The Bears are favored at -6.5, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

Our predictions are after the jump:

Chris: This Bears team, although different now than a year ago, gave the Birds a little bit of a challenge a year ago at the Linc. That could also be because the Eagles were sloppy early on. It’ll be a competitive game and both teams have chips on their shoulders. The playoff experience helps. Eagles 27, Bears 24 (Eagles +6.5).

Jeff: Feels like a Bears win to me, but the Eagles cover. Bears 24, Eagles 20 (Eagles +6.5).

Mike: ???

Tim: ???

Coggin: Kill me. Bears 24, Eagles 23 (Eagles +6.5).

Phil: Mitchell Trubisky is the Markelle Fultz of the NFL, a player his team traded up to get when better players were there to be had without a trade. Bears fans surely watch Patrick Mahomes with the same sadness that Sixers fans have when Jayson Tatum goes for 20 and 10. Trubisky is never going to win a Super Bowl. With him at QB, the Bears are fairly well locked in to a series of wild card weekends and seasons that end in Round 2. Like this one, I’m sorry to say. Thank you Nick. You’ll never know how grateful we all are that you came into our lives. Bears 23, Eagles 20 (Eagles +6.5).

Anthony: At some point, magic runs out. It happened to the Phillies in 2009 (although they did at least give you a couple more postseasons afterwards). It happened to the Flyers in 2010 (I mean, did you REALLY think Michael Leighton would lead you to a Stanley Cup?) And going into the “wayback” machine, it ran out in 2001 for the Sixers when there was no other offensive option besides AI. Nick Foles has provided a ton of magic in 2018. And it’s been really cool. It was already one of the great sports stories of all-time, but if he does it again? It’ll be a Disney movie.

But going back over every game that Foles played well, none came against a defense like the Bears. The Eagles only chance is if somehow the offensive line can contain the furious Chicago pass rush and give Nick time. I don’t see that happening. The RPO stuff does seem to work against better defenses, but only in short chunks. The Eagles will need some big plays to win this game and Chicago won’t give them those. Yesterday’s games proved that at this time of year, defense is king, and that just happens to be where the Bears excel. I don’t trust Mitchell Trubisky a little bit either, so I think the Eagles stay in this game… and cover. But after today, we can go back to Carson Wentz being the franchise quarterback and let Nick Foles go somewhere else to collect his much deserved payday. See you in this prediction space in September. Bears 19, Eagles 16 (Eagles +6.5).

Bob: Coming into today, quarterbacks at home that are also favored making their first postseason start are 4-14 against the number and only 7-11 straight up. Look at what happened to Deshaun Watson yesterday. Last I checked, Mitch Trubisky also fits this profile. I’ll take the 6.5 points, but the Bears defense will do enough to secure a win. Bears 23, Eagles 18 (Eagles +6.5).

Russ: Defense wins championships. If Chicago were to prevail today, we could see a real showdown against New Orleans’ incredible offense. Unfortunately for DA BEARS, they’re getting rocked today. Matt Nagy will rue the day he chose to play his starters against a trash Vikings team. Nick Foles slings the ball all over the field and Golden fricken Tate goes over 110 yards with two TDs. The QB controversy? It gets worse next week. Like my man said on WNEP, “Go Eagles.” Eagles 27, Bears 23 (Eagles +6.5).

Kevin: Bears 14, Eagles 13 (Eagles +6.5).

Kyle: ???