Dale Weise Cleared Waivers, However…

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

He isn’t going to be sent down to the Phantoms, at least not yet:


If a player clears waivers, you’ve got 30 days or 10 games (whichever comes first) to reassign him to the AHL. Weise will be a healthy scratch tonight, but if he’s still on the roster by 2/12, which would be 10 games, then he’d have to clear waivers again to be sent down.

The only other wrinkle is that if the Flyers wanted to package him into a trade, the other team involved would now be able to assign Weise to their minor league club. That doesn’t seem a likely scenario.

Carry on.

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  1. To revisit my earlier suggestion…..Dario Saric highlights all game. Maybe a few of the ‘Super Dario’ GIFs thrown in every once in a while for the kids. This idea has legs, I tell ya.

  2. Cuz has made many power plays and he has ended up on the midday show pn the second rate station without a wife and a white trash girlfriend Cheers!

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