Gabe Kapler and Bryce Harper Bonded Over Training and Food

via MLB Network

Phillies manager and contemporary sex symbol Gabe Kapler was on “MLB Now” with Brian Kenny.

He talks about the Phils’ offseason and the acquisitions of Jean Segura and Andrew McCutchen, before getting into Bryce Harper around the two minute mark:

On Harper:

“I think we bonded over stuff like training, I think we bonded over food – he loves food and Philadelphia has an incredible food scene, among the best in the country if you ask me. I think we just hit it off. He’s an easy guy to talk to and he certainly is especially competitive. We joked a little bit about a moment on the field in September, when he was able to get an umpire to change a call.”

Kapler is right. We do have a great food scene. We’ve got places like Vetri, Fork, and Suraya. And just up the street from me you can find a Taco Bell, Applebee’s, and Panda Express.

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9 Responses

  1. Should be a football Friday if cox didn’t take that play off and Jeffery does not drop that easy catch . Happy hour would be insane tonight . They hurt the Philly economy by choking

  2. Speaking of Gabe Kapler being a sex symbol, my wife thinks he is very hot looking. The other night we were in bed frolicking and she called out “Gabe” . That is when she told me that she likes him. When we go out to Phillies games this year, I have to make sure she stays out of the Phillies dugout.

  3. Mr Paul, Bordentown NJ

    Yes I was pretty drunk that night. I was nervous about going back to the Linc and being booed, which I wasn’t, so I had 6 beers, 4 double shots of Crown Royal and 5 glasses of Port wine. Playing in the NFL can drive anyone to drink.

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