Let’s check in on our Scranton-area neighbors.

A WNEP story about a guy who robbed a music store:

The only thing Dale Sourbeck, 49 of Pittston, had to say after police arrested him for burglary was, “Go Eagles.”


Police were able to catch up with Sourbeck because surveillance video caught a clear picture of his license plate and officers say they found stolen guitars in his home.

Surveillance video shows him coming back into the store – this time with a mask and then crawling on the floor.

He ended up grabbing three more guitars but he wasn’t expecting to meet Adam Danaher on the street.

“I asked him if he robbed the place and he said, ‘yeah.’ He started running. He wasn’t running very fast, so I proceeded to chase him. Then I told him I was going to shoot him and he said he was going to shoot me back and when he said that he dropped the guitars,” said Danaher.

Pretty solid plan from Dale Sourbeck.

Perp walk after the jump:

Go Eagles.