Golden Tate was asked about his future this morning, a day after the Eagles’ season came to an abrupt end in New Orleans.

The 30-year-old wide receiver didn’t mince words:

“I want to go to a team that has a chance, if I don’t stay here, of course. I would love to stay here. If I don’t end up being here, my years are limited. I don’t have time to go to someone who is trying to rebuild….”

Will that team be the Eagles? It’s hard to imagine it playing out that way. The Eagles often struggled to utilize Tate, who had 37 catches for 342 yards in 10 total games with the team. Even with a murky situation at wide receiver beyond Alshon Jeffery, Tate didn’t sound like a guy who plans to come back, and there’s been nothing on the Eagles’ end to suggest they will attempt to make it happen.

Ultimately, Tate probably didn’t have quite the overall impact the Eagles were hoping for when they dealt a 2019 third-round pick to Detroit in exchange for the nine-year veteran wide receiver, but his game-winning touchdown against the Bears a week ago may have alone validated the move. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I think when we get five years down the road, people will look back at Tate favorably.

We’ll see.