If the Harper/Kimbrel/Keuchel story from earlier didn’t satisfy your needs for wild baseball-related speculation, you’re in luck because we have more “throw some shit against the wall and see if it sticks” hot stove action tonight.

This time it’s Jon Heyman checking in with “news” on Mike Trout.

Mike Trout + Phillies = RTs.
All day, baby. All. Day.

You mean to tell me the Phillies would try to pursue arguably the world’s greatest living baseball player in the event he becomes a free agent. You don’t say?

It’s somewhat interesting that Heyman says that he hears Trout doing an extension with the Angels is “unlikely.” I guess. But with two generational free agent talents currently collecting dust on the open market this winter, I wouldn’t get my hopes up watching the Trout developments unfold.* There’s a loooong way to go before that decision is finalized.

*Privately gets hopes up