The Flyers have been tough to watch this season—and apparently not just for fans of the team, either.

It would seem broadcasters Jim Jackson and Keith Jones have also grown frustrated with the on-ice product. Both were overheard after the Flyers’ latest garbage heap of a performance on Scandinavian television feed Viaplay making some rather critical comments on the team’s effort and a few of its notable players, including Dale Weise and Jake Vorachek.

Have a listen for yourself:

The audio is a bit low, but it sounds like in addition to the two sharing some thoughts on Weise and Vorachek, Jones calls the Flyers’ play tonight as “bad as it gets” and “brutal.”

He’s not wrong, and I can’t really say that I blame them. I don’t fancy myself a hockey guy, but given the Flyers haven’t won in seven games dating back to two days before Christmas, I don’t know, I kind of appreciate hearing some blunt honesty.

I wonder what T-Mac and Ben Davis have to say about the Phillies?