Here is what I know. The Cowboys will wake up this morning out of the playoffs. They can’t win the Super Bowl. The Eagles, however, will wake up this morning still in the playoffs. They can win the Super Bowl.


In fact, here’s a cool little factoid for you. Even if the Eagles lose at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome later today, they will still have as many playoff wins over the past two seasons as the Cowboys have since 1996. And if they win?


Regardless, the Cowboys won’t get to #FinishThisFight. Has to be a harsh reality for all of those local Cowboys fans:

“Ever since I was a little boy in South Jersey, I loved…a team I have no association with from Texas–because I exist to troll people.”

This is what internal peace feels like.

Anyway, in addition to watching Ezekiel Elliott run 20 times for 47 yards and Dak Prescott consistently throw behind his receivers (surprise!), also bringing me great joy was Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens blasting Jason Garrett to the moon via Twitter. It began with this:

Ouch. Owens, not done, then delivered another blow:

Now wait, Terrell. To be fair, the Cowboys have three playoff wins in 10 years. Have to give credit where credit is due. When bitter Cowboys fans pushed back against Owens, he then brought out the bodybag:

This is the best case scenario. It’s perfect. Jason Garrett still isn’t good enough, and he is going to get an extension. Dak Prescott still isn’t good enough, and he is going to get an extension. Plus, the dysfunction is as strong as ever. Beautiful:

I guess I could’ve done without the two wins over the Eagles and the NFC East title, but it’s like they say, all is well that ends well.