Jerry Jones Says Jason Garrett “Would Have Had Five Offers” for Head Coaching Jobs

I missed this yesterday, but it’s worth posting today because it’s Jerry Jones again saying less-than-inspiring things about “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys, who have won 3 playoff games since 1996.

Jerry goes on a Dallas radio station after every game, and Tuesday he told 105.3 The Fan that field conditions at the Los Angeles Coliseum contributed to the Cowboys giving up 273 rushing yards to the Rams:

“I’ve had the benefit of the tape, looking at the tape, the evaluation by both scouts as well as the coaches. We frankly had never gotten traction. And I mean that literally. That was a slippery field. If I had to do it over again, we would be really scrutinizing our footwear. Our cleats. We had trouble digging in, so to speak.

“Well you say, ‘That’s an excuse.’ It is not because not only physically but we had trouble digging in with just the effectiveness of our defense. And we did not stop them, and we did not stop the run.”

The Rams did not have trouble with their footing, as they held Zeke Elliott to 47 yards on 20 carries.

Speaking of digging in, Jerry also backed head coach Jason Garrett for the umpteenth time, after the jump:

“If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would have had five offers for head coaching,” Jones said. “I know that. And so, you’ve got to look at what your alternative is. We’ve got a very young team. … We’ve got players we’ve got going in a direction. You make changes and you’re going to change direction. …

“Making a change each year is tough. I’ve done that. I’ve been there, and I know the price you pay.”

The Cowboys had a nice season. They were shit to start, made a great trade, then won the NFC East. But when you’re the Dallas Cowboys, the standards are higher than second round playoff exits. Eagles fans know it, Cowboys fans know it, and the media knows it. The only person who doesn’t get it is Jerry Jones.

Full audio:

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7 Responses

    1. Stay the course Jerry! You are a genius! Don’t listen to them! (We need this clown to keep his hands on their team. Better for the Eagles.)

  1. Rich Kotite immediately got a job.

    Adam Gase just a got a job.

    Ray Rhodes got a job.

    Jason Garrett would find no problem getting a job. His next head coaching job may be his last, but of course he’d get a job if Dallas fired him.

    1. Yeah but not 5 offers. Maybe an awful, desperate team would take him on. The point is that Jerry’s loyalty to him and stubbornness at making meaningful changes to his team are comical and we should be grateful for it. Keep doing what you’re doing ya dumb old bastard.

  2. I did not listen to the interview, but I’m curious if the hosts of the show sat there with a straight face while he was trying to explain that they lost because they didn’t have the right cleats…I mean, really? Like don’t they bring boxes of alternate cleats just in case?
    Also, in league that took three years to fire a guy with a record of 3-45, then yeah, I guess someone like Garret could get 5 interviews, but not offers. He’s not great, but not horrible either. Two division championships in three years, with a limited QB, is impressive, whether you hate the team or not.

  3. Jerry Jones Says Jason Garrett “Would Have Had Five Offers” for Head Coaching Jobs.

    Which 5 High Schools?

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