John Johnson III is Now an Honorary Eagle

Photo Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Not to be confused with the guy from Sports Radio 94 WIP, John Johnson III is a safety for the Los Angeles Rams.

He’s going to the Super Bowl, while the New Orleans Saints are not.

Johnson was the dude who picked off Drew Brees in overtime on Sunday afternoon, then he got up and did the motorcycle choppa celebration:

That’s the first part of the story. That’s how it needs to be framed before reading this, after the jump:

The connection:

How about that?

Rams by 50 over the Patriots.

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5 Responses

  1. Can see the saints being obsessed with the rams next year in a creepy way like they were with the eagles this season

  2. This Eagles team is the most overly sensitive bunch of cry babies to play in this town.

    They get pissed off this season when Cleveland ran “the Philly Special” which itself has been around for decades in football , can be seen any given weekend multiple times in college and high school football and the Patriots ran–and failed at–almost the same exact play earlier in the Super Bowl.

    Now the team that wore dog masks on the field, because who dare gamblers give them points when they’re going into the playoffs with a back up QB we were told all season was so far behind the vastly superior Golden Child starting QB; who openly mocked the Bears with team celebrations during a route in 2017, who ran the score up on the Broncos and 49ers in 2017, who wore ski masks on the sidelines like 9 year olds playing cops and robbers this season, is so hurt and offended the Saints dared to mock them.

    I didn’t see TO crying when the Patriots mocked his “Fly Eagles Fly” celebration after the Super Bowl in 2005.

    I hope the Rams the Rams win by 50 and John Johnson III breaks his femur in the first quarter.

      1. Yep. That commenter was ranting like John Belushi in Animal House. Rams by 50, Patriots by 50, …just let him go. Did they complain when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???

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