Longtime Crossing Broad supporter Liz Roscher, who was the managing editor at The Good Phight Phillies blog and now writes for Yahoo Sports, is taking on the “white male journalist establishment.”

Liz, who was previously involved in a spat involving Jack McCaffery’s tape recorder, took to Twitter last night to express her displeasure with a Bob Ford column titled “Roy Halladay would have wanted his Hall of Fame plaque to have a Phillies hat.”

Said Roscher:


The source of the strife can probably be boiled down to these specific passages from the story:

…Halladay wouldn’t have gotten there without the 148 games he won for the Blue Jays, but if he were with us today and given the chance to relive one of his 395 career starts, the choice would be easy. Halladay would pick one of the five he started for the Phillies in the postseason. It wouldn’t even need to be one of the three wins

Roy Halladay was a gracious man. He wouldn’t want to insult the Toronto Blue Jays. But, in my heart, having been around him, I believe he would want his Hall of Fame plaque to portray that grim, unflinching stare that batters knew so well. And, above the brim that shaded his eyes, I think he would want a “P.”

The speculation that he would have chosen the symbol of his enshrinement to be a Phillies hat is nothing more than that, but it stays with me.

Bob is straight-up admitting that he’s speculating. He writes the word “speculation” in the actual column. The evidence, in this case, is not evidence, it’s just an opinion he formed from being around the guy back in the day.

Roscher wasn’t the only one to take umbrage with the column, and I can understand why people would roll their eyes, but I think this is just a classic case of a headline failing to match a story, which is understandable since an editor is handling that part of it. You could probably just slap “Opinion: on the front of the article and people would have had a better idea of what they were clicking on.

Or maybe Liz is just annoyed that people are guessing at what the late Halladay would have wanted, as if that action in itself is near-sighted. Halladay, after all, did sign a one-day contract to retire with the Blue Jays back in 2013. Does that automatically mean he would have worn a Jays hat into the Hall? Maybe, but who knows? Extrapolations are just that – extrapolations.

Anyway, Les Bowen came to the aid of his Inquirer colleague:


More Twitter nonsense after the jump:

Yes, that’s fair. The column is certainly open to criticism.

Here’s Les basically saying that the headline didn’t do Bob any favors:

Correct. Bob is not a hot take, click bait guy.

It does beg the question –

What is Sports Editor Gary Potosky doing? Sleeping at the wheel? Tweeting corny things about the value of sports journalism?

Look at this:

What? That’s not an “emerging” position. Website producer has been a thing for 10+ years now, yet it’s an “increasingly valuable” job? This shows you what world Potosky is living in, and it ain’t this one.

Anyway, Les just started arguing with other people:

I found the column to be rather innocuous. It’s just one guy’s opinion on the topic. If you thought it was shit, or unnecessary, or offensive, or whatever, you can feel however you want to feel.

Above all else, it’s just really sad that Roy Halladay isn’t here to make the decision himself.