JOURNALISM WARS: Liz Roscher, Les Bowen, and a Roy Halladay Column

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Longtime Crossing Broad supporter Liz Roscher, who was the managing editor at The Good Phight Phillies blog and now writes for Yahoo Sports, is taking on the “white male journalist establishment.”

Liz, who was previously involved in a spat involving Jack McCaffery’s tape recorder, took to Twitter last night to express her displeasure with a Bob Ford column titled “Roy Halladay would have wanted his Hall of Fame plaque to have a Phillies hat.”

Said Roscher:

The source of the strife can probably be boiled down to these specific passages from the story:

…Halladay wouldn’t have gotten there without the 148 games he won for the Blue Jays, but if he were with us today and given the chance to relive one of his 395 career starts, the choice would be easy. Halladay would pick one of the five he started for the Phillies in the postseason. It wouldn’t even need to be one of the three wins

Roy Halladay was a gracious man. He wouldn’t want to insult the Toronto Blue Jays. But, in my heart, having been around him, I believe he would want his Hall of Fame plaque to portray that grim, unflinching stare that batters knew so well. And, above the brim that shaded his eyes, I think he would want a “P.”

The speculation that he would have chosen the symbol of his enshrinement to be a Phillies hat is nothing more than that, but it stays with me.

Bob is straight-up admitting that he’s speculating. He writes the word “speculation” in the actual column. The evidence, in this case, is not evidence, it’s just an opinion he formed from being around the guy back in the day.

Roscher wasn’t the only one to take umbrage with the column, and I can understand why people would roll their eyes, but I think this is just a classic case of a headline failing to match a story, which is understandable since an editor is handling that part of it. You could probably just slap “Opinion: on the front of the article and people would have had a better idea of what they were clicking on.

Or maybe Liz is just annoyed that people are guessing at what the late Halladay would have wanted, as if that action in itself is near-sighted. Halladay, after all, did sign a one-day contract to retire with the Blue Jays back in 2013. Does that automatically mean he would have worn a Jays hat into the Hall? Maybe, but who knows? Extrapolations are just that – extrapolations.

Anyway, Les Bowen came to the aid of his Inquirer colleague:


More Twitter nonsense after the jump:

Yes, that’s fair. The column is certainly open to criticism.

Here’s Les basically saying that the headline didn’t do Bob any favors:

Correct. Bob is not a hot take, click bait guy.

It does beg the question –

What is Sports Editor Gary Potosky doing? Sleeping at the wheel? Tweeting corny things about the value of sports journalism?

Look at this:

What? That’s not an “emerging” position. Website producer has been a thing for 10+ years now, yet it’s an “increasingly valuable” job? This shows you what world Potosky is living in, and it ain’t this one.

Anyway, Les just started arguing with other people:

I found the column to be rather innocuous. It’s just one guy’s opinion on the topic. If you thought it was shit, or unnecessary, or offensive, or whatever, you can feel however you want to feel.

Above all else, it’s just really sad that Roy Halladay isn’t here to make the decision himself.


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    1. Well there you go. I guess the column never had to be written in the first place.

      it would, however, make me wonder why Brandy decided to go with neither team if Roy had specifically stated in the past that he wanted to go in as a Blue Jay

      1. This is the story that needs to be written. It’s clear Brandy has a much cozier relationship with the Phillies than with the Blue Jays. The Phils gave him a job, heck Middleton flew the family in for the announcement. No one in their right mind would have expected Halladay to go into the HOF other than a Blue Jay. I’d say no hat is a win for the Phils.

        Before long you won’t even see highlights of Halladay as a Blue Jay. Highlights are about moments and Roy’s indelible moments were as a Phillie. No one gives a shit about some complete games at Sky a Dome against the Twins and Royals.

        Sorry Canada, the Phillies in cahoots with Halladay’s widow are systematically erasing any memory that he even played for the Blue Jays.

  1. my only opinion is this…what does his story have to do with the fact that he is a white male? these #metooers are going so far overboard the other way that it is ridiculous to even consider their opinion on anything.

  2. Liz is right. But also wrong. The comment has nothing to do with bob ford being a white male. He’s a dummy for that article. You’re right in that it’s innocuous though. Poor job framing the article with that headline too. But Who cares? Brandy halladay will never read it. And if she does… it’s not offensive, it’s just kinda stupid. He was pretty much just saying he loved halladay here. Say the take was a dumb take. roscher is not standing up to the patriarchy by saying that’s a ridiculous column. Pretty sure Marcus Hayes, Stephen a, jemele hill have written terrible takes just like ford and Bowen and other white old farts or dude bros. Feeling self important and thinking you’re opinion is hot stuff isnt exclusive to a certain class, job, race, ethnicity, or age. Call people out for doing a garbage job.. And then let it be.

    1. you were doing so good too……

      “Feeling self important and thinking you’re opinion is hot stuff “

  3. From Bill Conlins Wikipedia page – The Baseball Writers Association secretary/treasurer Jack O’Connell issued a “member in good standing” statement on December 20. It said in part, “The allegations have no bearing on [Conlin’s] winning the 2011 J.G. Taylor Spink Award, which was in recognition of his notable career as a baseball writer”.

    ….But Curt Schilling, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens are not in their hall of fame for their ‘notable careers as baseball players’. Its a joke.

  4. Never has more been written about someone I care less about. He was here a couple of years. He was great for couple of those years but who gives a shit?

  5. Liz is just another angry, confrontational SJW. I’m sure she play the victim card & tweet about all the abuse she took for this at the hands of the white devils.

  6. This is a non story. What these progressive baseball writer pansies should be talking about is Curt Schilling being black balled from the Hall of Fame despite having credentials every bit as good as Halladay and Mussina. One of the best Philly pitchers of the last 30 years is persona non gratis in this town among the baseball media because he is an out spoken conservative. I’m glad Roy got in now its time for Curt the best play off pitcher of his generation arguably. If Kevin meant that comment about fighting the white mail baseball establishment seriously I’d like to beat his soyboy ass senseless. Just tell me the time and place lol.

    1. Calling Curt Schilling an outspoken conservative is insulting to any sane conservative. He’s a racist dumbass who buys into conspiracy theories and loses his damn mind whenever he sees the white man taking any Ls. He’s the exact type of conservative, along with our retarded president, who is quickly destroying the GOP piece by piece. Nobody feels sorry for him missing out on the HOF besides morons like you who hate to see someone they idolize marginalized for their ridiculous and outdated beliefs.

    2. dude, there’s a lot more to hate about Curt Schilling than him being conservative, starting with him wearing a towel over his head while Mitch was pitching so the cameras would focus on him to is fake bloody sock and the fact that he took government money to run some stupid venture into the ground. Loser

  7. Man, how did I know just by looking at her pic that she would be hating on white men. What a total pig. Disgraceful human.

    By the way, who the hell is she?!? Never even heard of her.

  8. Bob Ford could have done just a little research before hitting the send button on that one especially since the story of Roy saying he wanted to go in as a Jay was widely distributed and 100% contradicts his opinion. I think the wife just doesn’t want anyone upset and probably doesn’t want her children caught in the cross fire. This lady is clearly an agitator but Ford made it easy by being lazy. Les, with all of his usual brilliance, responds to her which is just what she wants. It increases her profile. Now she has a name that will be recognizable.

  9. Who is this Liz JellyRoll Tripple chin? Never even heard of her before reading this. Why even give her attention? Attention is what she craves. Yuck.

  10. Liberal are some of the worst human beings to walk the earth. They are the real racists.

  11. I agree with her. But I only respected her as a writer until her “white male” quip. Fuck her.

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