More From Malcolm Jenkins and Lane Johnson on the Philly Voice Carson Wentz Story

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Malcolm Jenkins and Lane Johnson are among the 12 current Eagles who took to social media to push back against the Joe Santoliquito article written for Philly Voice on Monday.

They defended the quarterback from claims that he’s “selfish” and “uncompromising,” with Johnson calling the piece “fake news” and Jenkins referring to Wentz as a good teammate and soon-to-be MVP.

Today we got a little more from each, via CBS Tampa anchor Justin Granit, who is at the Pro Bowl practice in Orlando.

Malcolm Jenkins:

“I didn’t read the whole article; I only started responding when people started trying to say that I was the one making the quotes, which is crazy. Any great player is going to be confident. Any great player is going to know what he likes and be demanding. I’m the same way with the D coordinator, where I can go say, ‘no I don’t want to run this.’ So I think him being assertive or anything like that is what you want out of your starting quarterback.”

Yeah, more or less. You think Tom Brady would want to run “Bledsoe stuff?”

Here’s Lane Johnson, after the jump:

“That’s all I see it as, is drama. Nothing new to the city, nothing new to us. It’ll blow over and that’ll be that. 

Simply stated.

This has been your “Joe Santoliquito Philly Voice story” update.

I’m Kevin Kinkead.

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