You have to love modern technology. It helps us connect with people all around the world in ways that were previously inconceivable. For instance, if an NFL kicker were to miss a potential game-winning field goal in the playoffs that gave your favorite team a win, say, like 20 years ago, you would probably just jump around your living room like a maniac for a few minutes and call it a night. But now? Now you can open up Venmo and reach out to that kicker with some, uh, heartfelt condolences and other warm tidings, all while sending a few bucks to say thank you.


I hopped on Venmo to check the transactions and accompanying messages. There are dozens of them. A sampling:

  • Chicago may hate you, but Philly sure loves you now
  • Good shit fly eagles fly
  • For letting me hit my moneyline parlay on the birds
  • Yo thanks for the miss chodey!

Just people helping people.  It’s a beautiful thing.

In all seriousness, while pretty funny, it’s also kind of creepy. The story has blown up to the point where some savvy entrepreneurs are now changing their account names looking to cash in on the flood of ball-breaking.