Philly Sports Talk Won’t Air This Week

More changes at NBC Sports Philadelphia.

In addition to canning something like half of their talent over the last two years, the Comcast-owned local broadcaster is currently going through studio renovations, which will take Amy Fadool and Marc Farzetta off of their 5 p.m. Philly Sports Talk show for the rest of the week.

That’s per her:

Rob Tornoe over at has more on the changes, after the jump:

All the network’s studio shows — including Quick SlantsThe Daily LineSixers Outsiders,and pre- and post-game shows for the Sixers and Flyers — will be broadcasting from the NBC Sports Philadelphia+ studios on Columbus Boulevard until renovations are completed. That’s expected to happen by the end of the March, just in time for the new Phillies season.

The studio renovations are the final step in a year-long overhaul that has involved the network’s content floor, business operations, and technical facilities.

Viewers can expect all the network’s shows to look dramatically different when they return to their new studio space at the Wells Fargo Center. According to the network, the shows will have a brighter, lighter feel with an emphasis on team colors and cityscape visuals. The revamped studio will sport a new main anchor area featuring a dynamic LED video monitor wall background, and a demo area featuring a state-of-the-art LED video floor. There will also be various stand-up locations with movable monitors.

No word on whether or not Barkann is keeping the blue glasses. We’ll have to see.

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14 Responses

  1. Rumor has it they are adding additional structural supports to the new studio because “someone” is still having trouble losing their baby weight. This is from an unnamed source but I can confirm that she is “thick”.

    1. Hey asshole the baby was only 5 years ago, give this person time. They’re also adding a wide-angle lens in case we keep heading in the wrong direction.

        1. that mosquito john gonzales once laughed at john smallwood and tried to make him look like an idiot cause smallwood said that the brett brown signing was significant and was a long term hire and gonzales just acted like a little princess that has never been punched in the face and barkann joined in like the menopausal gossip queen he is….grown men putting on suits to talk about young 20 yr old boys playing sports, hilarious

  2. The whole network needs a makeover. No more of this no tie , sweater bullshit. I want men in suits. Let’s act a little professional.

  3. Sixers and Flyers should now wait until next season to be in the new studios. Just sayin. But since the seasons overlap, well…

  4. Does anyone else remember when Sam Donnellon said “chinamen” on the old daily news live? Classic moment up there with the blueberry farmer comment from the tickle monster Bill Conlin.

  5. Tell Farzetta to stop laughing at stupid stuff.Please get rid of Amy Fadool,She doesn’t shut up. Let the guest talk.

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