Per a Finnish newspaper.

Crappy Google translation:

The Philadelphia Flyers forward Jori Lehtera is not coming to the trial on Tuesday, when the court was planning for a major cocaine trial.

Legally Lehtera is not in charge of arrive, since it has been able to deliver the subpoeona. The court was still expecting him to arrive volunteraly.

Lehtera’s Lawyer Ari Nieminen says the magazine is willing to arrive at the court and “clear things up”, but at this point it is a difficult due to his NHL schedule.

Good decision to remain here. The Flyers will need his services to defeat the Washington Capitals tomorrow night.

More from the story after the jump:

Lehtera is not required to appear in court at this time. The charge against him was announced on Monday.

According to a preliminary investigation, the journal is eight grams of cocaine between early June and late July. According to the prosecutors they also tried to find a gram of cocaine in May of 2018.

Police Investigators used to wake up the secretary of the chilling of the men and women. Later the Suspects’ cell phones were pinpointed near the area of ​​Lake Näsijärvi.

Lehtera is not Accused of a role in importing the cocaine to Finland or selling it. He is being charged with the cocaine.

We’ll see what happens. I’m on the edge of my seat.

Here’s one of my favorite bands from Finland: