I saw this on Twitter and rolled my eyes:


I clicked on the profile of “Jon DeTrinis” to discover that he’s a New Orleans bankruptcy attorney. What does this guy know? Surely he’s full of shit, right? No way this actually happened.

But wait –

It did happen, according to ESPN Saints reporter Mike Triplett:


Sounds like the Saints are getting a little ahead of themselves here. A little cocky. They’re running up the score. They’re wearing ski masks. They’re saying they would have beat the Eagles in the playoffs last year.

The Eagles, meantime, are just quietly going about their business under the steady guidance of Nick Foles and Doug Pederson. They feel disrespected. They are wearing their underdog masks.

Payton, who was flipped off by Malcolm Jenkins in week 11 after throwing on fourth down while holding a 31 point lead, had this to say during his conference call today:

“I told him after the game that I love him,” Payton said. “And I know the feeling is mutual. I just have a ton of respect for him as a player, and also as a person. He’s a fantastic, fantastic player, and just as good of a person.”

Too late. You dug your own grave. The Eagles’ bulletin board literally cannot hold any more material.

Birds by 50.