I know what you’re thinking –

Who gives a shit what Skip Bayless has to say?

Personally, I don’t, but if you’re a “keep Nick Foles and trade Carson Wentz” person, you now find yourself on the same side of history as this guy:

I don’t see any wrong choice regarding the Foles vs. Wentz thing. You can win with both players. The Eagles will win with Carson Wentz as their quarterback in 2019. They can also win with Nick Foles as their quarterback in 2019. This does not make me a fence sitter, but a pragmatist, and we should be appreciative of the fact that this is a good problem to have. It’s the best kind of problem to have.

But if you’re Kyle or Investor Mike or one of the pro-Foles people out there, you now are firmly aligned with Skip, whether you want to be or not.

After the jump, the rationale:

On Foles: