New Orleans has gone too far.

In addition to filing lawsuits and engaging in other childish behaviors after losing to the Rams on an admittedly horrendous no-call last weekend, we’ve now learned that some NOLA bars are refusing to show the Super Bowl.

From the Advocate:

A handful of bars and restaurants say they will refuse to air the game between the Rams and the New England Patriots on Feb. 3 and instead plan to show the 2010 Super Bowl, when the Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

A few public officials are floating the idea of staging a parade to honor the team’s otherwise impressive 13-3 season, as a form of counter demonstration. And a local music promoter is busy trying to organize a game-day music festival called “Boycott Bowl,” with the hope of bringing Saints fans together in one huge act of defiance.

“If we want the change, we have to demonstrate for this,” said Travis Laurendine, who is putting together the music event with his childhood friend, Brandon Rizzuto, the former general manager of the New Orleans VooDoo arena football team. “The idea is: Why don’t we bring people together to celebrate our community and celebrate the Saints? Why not do what we do really well and give (the NFL) a giant (expletive) that’s many thousand people strong?”

I’ve got a better idea:

Since their team isn’t in the Super Bowl and they’ve got nothing better to do, why not organize a chicken wing eating contest instead? They can call it the Wing Bowl.

Time’s yours.