Here’s a classic case of “he said/she said.”

On one side we’ve got Colin Kaepernick ally and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid. Reid says he’s been targeted by the NFL since returning to the league in early October, alleging that he’s been required to take six random drug tests plus a mandatory seventh dating back to week five.

On the other side is the NFL and the NFL Players Association, which today released a statement disputing Reid’s claims:

Like the statement says, you can’t release private information, so we’re just gonna have to pick a side here and choose whom to believe. As is the case with most disputes in life, somebody is full of shit.

For what it’s worth, Ian Rapoport followed up with this: 

“More on the independent administrator’s report on Eric Reid’s drug tests claims: Source said it was determined that Reid was drug tested fewer times than he publicly claimed.”

Nothing else out there from any other insiders, nothing from Schefty or any of the other heavy hitters floating around right now.

Reid played 11 weeks this season, so if he was drug tested seven times over the course of 77 days, it means he would have been subjected to one test per every 11 days, which would be pretty ridiculous. I personally am on neither side of the dispute, but it bears repeating that Reid’s collusion case against the NFL is still a thing and that both factions pretty much hate each other.