The Saints Targeted Fletcher Cox on Their Fake Punt

via NFL

Thought this was pretty interesting.

It’s worth 1:25 of your time:

Probably also worth pointing out that Cox was triple-teamed on the play. And there’s a high probability of pushing for a yard there whether you go traditional QB sneak or direct snap from a non-punt formation.

Still, these are good videos. I could watch stuff like this all day.

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8 Responses

    1. Unfortunately we live in a city where it’s 98% Eagles and 2% everything else year-round according to the media.

  1. The Saints had the ball at that point because of Foles INT to Ertz. The Eagles D quickly responded with a 3-and-out and I was thinking we survived the momentum change, but then this happened. Saints then go right down the field for 7.

  2. With that in mind I was trying to figure out who the biggest Holes are at the Fanatic. #1 Andrew #2 Jamie # 3 Marc, #4 Mike and #5 Jason.

  3. Can’t believe that idiot Is getting a pass for dropping the ball and blowing the game . We should be partying this week enjoying the run

    1. Caught a TD pass in the SB, led the team in receptions during the late run to get us to the playoffs, led the team in receptions in the playoffs. Yes, lets crucify him.

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