Imagine breaking Jason Witten’s single-season tight end receptions record with 116 catches, posting the 14th-most yards all-time in a single season with 1,163, and NOT making the 79th Annual AP All-Pro first team.

Seems insane, right?

Well at least you’ve made the All-Pro second team, right?


Third team?


Such is the state of affairs for Zach Ertz, whose record-breaking year was apparently not enough to supplant the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce nor the San Francisco 49ers’ George Kittle on the first or second teams, respectively.

What makes Ertz’ season even more remarkable – and perhaps Kittle’s to an extent – is the way Ertz did it: playing with two different starting quarterbacks and finding plenty of success with both, including five games with at least ten receptions. While his eight touchdowns weren’t as many as Kelce’s ten, he did out-gain Kittle’s five. Kittle’s 88 receptions were the fewest of the trio, while Ertz’s 1,163 yards were third among the group.

If you’re wondering where to send your hate mail, I have a bit of bad news: the Associated Press panel hasn’t been made public, but if/when it does, we’ll update you.