Danny Ainge’s Anthony Davis Dream May Now Be His Nightmare

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In the aftermath of the Knicks’ decision to trade Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas, plenty of fans wondered why New York never publicly put Porzingis on the block.

That especially happened in New Orleans, where a package centered around Porzingis could’ve presumably enticed the Pelicans into a swap for Anthony Davis. Davis is clearly the better player, though he only has a season remaining until unrestricted free agency, while Porzings – still recovering from an ACL tear – is approaching free agency as a restricted free agent.

Another fan base that was monitoring the Porzingis deal was that of the Boston Celtics, who likely felt the trade set some sort of a baseline for what an Anthony Davis deal would cost the team. Boston, however is unable to trade for Davis while Kyrie Irving is on the roster due to the Designated Player Extension (the Derrick Rose Rule) the players signed with the Pelicans and Cavaliers, respectively. The thought was that Boston, who have expressed interest in Davis through back channels and national media leaks, would back up the truck for an off-season trade. The Celtics’ treasure trove of assets includes four first round picks in 2019: Top-1 protected via Sacramento, Top-8 protected via Memphis, Top-14 protected via the Clippers, and their own.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge was poised to pounce and likely felt confident that he could offer the best package this off-season. That was, at least, until this happened:

Give me a second. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I digress. This, my friends, is Schadenfreude to the max. Not only are rumors swirling that Irving could have eyes for the Knicks to team up with Kevin Durant or the Lakers for a LeBron/Irving/Davis superteam, but now the object of Boston’s desire reportedly doesn’t feel the same. He might like the Celtics, but he doesn’t like them like them.



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  1. We will be here with Ben in what, 2 or 3 years? I will avoid the bad karma by gloating.

    It’s becoming too much – zero stability. Bill Simmons even said it yesterday on his podcast (even before the “no Boston for AD” or Kyrie stuff) that theres been talk around the league office that the constant shuffling is getting out of hand.

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